What is ProjectWise used for?

ProjectWise (PW) is designed to house and organize all project related documents, including but not limited to MicroStation design files, Geopak files, all Microsoft Office documents, Adobe PDFs, text files, images, etc.

Where do copy out files go in ProjectWise?

ProjectWise copies the working files to your local hard drive called the Working Directory. It contains temporary copies of the document files that you checked or copied out from a ProjectWise server.

How do I open a ProjectWise link?

Go to Start > Engineering Applications > ProjectWise Explorer, or use the desktop icon if one has been created. The ProjectWise Explorer V8i application opens. Click on the plus symbol next to the project you want to access.

How do I copy a ProjectWise link?

Sending and Embedding Address Links To do this, you select the document, folder, or project, right-click in the Address bar and select Copy URL or Copy URN, then paste the link into the email or Office document. Again, clicking the link opens ProjectWise Explorer to the item referenced in the link.

Who uses ProjectWise?

The companies using ProjectWise are most often found in United States and in the Construction industry. ProjectWise is most often used by companies with >10000 employees and >1000M dollars in revenue.

What does Copy Out do in ProjectWise?

Copy Out is used to update files in your local working directory that have been changed or updated in ProjectWise. This option is not used very often. To use Copy Out, right click on the file and select Copy Out. This will copy the file to your local working directory.

How do I download files from ProjectWise?

To Download a Folder’s or Project’s Documents

  1. Do one of the following: In the Content web part, select a folder, then select Folder > Download. or.
  2. Select the location you want to download the folder to and click OK. The entire folder is downloaded.

How do I upload to ProjectWise?

To Import or Create Documents in ProjectWise browse to the folder you would like to put the file(s), select Documents then New for a single file or Upload for multiple files. You will then be prompted for the directory where your file(s) is/are located.

What does copy out mean in ProjectWise?

Copy Out – Will create a local copy of the document, but will not open it or lock down to other users. This does not copy the document outside of ProjectWise. Export – Allows documents to be saved to a location outside of ProjectWise for use in unsupported applications or to send to users with no access to ProjectWise.

How do you create an email link for ProjectWise Explorer access?

Creating an Email Link for ProjectWise Explorer access?

  1. Select Document.
  2. Right-click on the Document.
  3. Select “Copy Link(s)”
  4. Select “ProjectWise Link”
  5. When prompted, select “Allow access” to Clipboard.

Is ProjectWise free?

ProjectWise Explorer is an ideal platform for managing drawing storage, security, workflow, editing, viewing, searching, comparing and upload/download. ProjectWise resolves many file management challenges. The ProjectWise Explorer application is provided free of charge for consultants working on LA DOTD projects.

What is ProjectWise share?

It provides CONNECT Edition applications, Cloud Services and Mobile applications the ability to save and / or consume files from a common cloud repository and CONNECTED Users an easy, secure way to share files with Team Members.

Where does a ProjectWise file get sent to?

When a user accesses a file through ProjectWise, a copy of the file is sent from the ProjectWise file server to the user’s local Working Directory on the PC. If the file is editable by the user, the user works on the local copy of the file while the original file remains on the server.

Why did WSDOT postpone projects not yet underway?

Following the passage of I-976, Gov. Inslee directed WSDOT to postpone projects not yet underway. This provides the Governor and the Legislature flexibility to determine how to adjust the funding gap in the 2019-21 transportation budget during the upcoming session.

How to use ProjectWise Explorer with Windows single sign on?

The ProjectWise Explorer V8i application opens. Click on the plus symbol next to the project you want to access. For this training we will work within the WSDOT Datasource. If you have a WSDOT Domain account, ProjectWise will use your Windows (WSDOT) login and password to open the session. You can also select the Use Windows Single Sign-Onbutton.

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