What is a bump cap used for?

A bump cap is a type of safety equipment that provides protection for the head. Bump caps are a form of personal protective equipment (PPE); however, they are not used for situations in which an employer faces an obligation to provide employees with head protection for the purpose of avoiding serious injury.

How often should bump caps be replaced?

every 5 years
OSHA hard hat replacement requirements must be considered when hats bear cracks, dents, penetration, or even wear from rough care and treatment. An OSHA hard hat expiration date does not exist, but manufacturers may set a specific date for expiration. Most replace their hard hats every 5 years.

What is a safety bump cap?

Bump cap inserts are hard plastic shells that are worn under any hat or baseball cap. They’re used to protect workers from cuts and other injuries caused by minor bumps caused by walking or moving into a stationary object.

Are bump caps CSA approved?

Wearing a rigid plastic bump cap, aerated or not, with or without suspension, can very well do the trick. Be careful, however; these caps are not CSA approved. They do not offer much protection against impacts from flying or falling objects and even less against punctures.

Can I wear a bump cap on site?

Are Bump Caps Allowed on Construction Sites? Probably not. There is no hard and fast rule here, except the suitability of the headwear for the environment you are in. If it’s possible that someone could drop a brick on your head, then a bump cap is not going to protect you in the way a hard hat would.

How long does a bump cap last?

Lifespan. You need to replace the suspension at least every 12 months and the shell every 2-5 years.

Are bump caps any good?

Despite offering lower impact protection than hard hats, bump caps can be the best head protection in certain situations, such as confined spaces and when working horizontally. “Bump caps don’t protrude off the head like a normal hard hat.

Do bump caps work?

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