What causes activation of RAAS?

Typically, RAAS is activated when there is a drop in blood pressure (reduced blood volume) to increase water and electrolyte reabsorption in the kidney; which compensates for the drop in blood volume, thus increasing blood pressure.

What happens when the RAAS system is activated?

The RAAS functions to elevate blood volume and arterial tone in a prolonged manner. It does this by increasing sodium reabsorption, water reabsorption, and vascular tone.

Why is the RAAS system activation in heart failure?

In particular, activation of the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system (RAAS) leads to increased levels of angiotensin II and plasma aldosterone, and promote development of arterial vasoconstriction and remodeling, sodium retention, oxidative process, and cardiac fibrosis.

What are the consequences of renin angiotensin system activation?

In these local systems, activation of angiotensin II results in harmful effects and target-organ damage that extend beyond vascular and renal hemodynamics to direct tissue actions, including tissue remodeling, endothelial dysfunction, and fibrosis.

What does RAAS stand for?

The Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System (RAAS) is a hormone system within the body that is essential for the regulation of blood pressure and fluid balance. The system is mainly comprised of the three hormones renin, angiotensin II and aldosterone. Primarily it is regulated by the rate of renal blood flow.

How does the RAAS system affect the heart?

Activity of the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system (RAAS) is increased in patients with heart failure, and its maladaptive mechanisms may lead to adverse effects such as cardiac remodelling and sympathetic activation. Elevated renin activity has been demonstrated in patients with dilated cardiomyopathy.

What is the end result of an activation of the RAAS cascade?

The net effects of the activation of the RAAS include vasocontriction, sodium and water retention, increased arterial blood pressure and increased myocardial contractility, which in combination increase the effective circulating volume.

Why is RAAS activated in hypertension?

The RAAS promotes oxidative stress in the brain, further activating the RAAS and augmenting sympathetic outflow. Angiotensin II and aldosterone of peripheral origin act in the brain to activate this cascade, increasing sympathetic outflow and leading to hypertension.

What is a RAAS blocker?

Renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system. ( RAAS. ) inhibitors are a group of drugs that act by inhibiting the. renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system.

What is renin aldosterone?

Aldosterone is a hormone that plays an important role in maintaining normal sodium and potassium concentrations in blood and in controlling blood volume and blood pressure. Renin is an enzyme that controls aldosterone production.

What are some RAAS inhibitors?

Key facts

  • captopril.
  • imidapril.
  • zofenopril.
  • candesartan.
  • delapril.
  • telmisartan.
  • aliskiren.
  • moexipril.

When does the sympathetic nervous system activate the RAAS?

The RAAS is activated when the sympathetic nervous system stimulates beta adrenergic receptors on the juxtaglomerular cells in the kidneys to release renin, the first step in the RAAS. Second, when carotid baroreceptors detect decreased intravascular pressure, the sympathetic nervous system is activated.

Which is an alternative pathway for entry into the RAAS?

Consequently, direct localized synthesis and secretion of Angiotensin II may represent an alternative pathway for entry into the RAAS. Angiotensin II has a variety of important physiological effects as discussed below; however, one such action is the stimulation of aldosterone synthesis and release by the adrenal cortex.

How does the renin angiotensin ( RAA ) system work?

More in High Blood Pressure. The renin-angiotensin (RAA) system is a group of related hormones that act together to regulate blood pressure. It is called a system because each part influences the other parts and all are necessary for the whole to function correctly.

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