How much is a Honda Rebel 250 worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $4,190 $3,050
Total Price $4,190 $3,050

How fast does a Honda Rebel 250 go?

It uses the same 234 cc (14.3 cu in) straight-twin engine as the Honda Nighthawk 250 standard. The Rebel is part of the CM series of cruisers….Honda CMX250C.

Manufacturer Honda
Compression ratio 9.2:1
Top speed 79 mph (127 km/h)
Power 16.1 hp (12.0 kW)
Torque 12.4 lb⋅ft (16.8 N⋅m)

How much does a 2012 Honda Rebel 250 weight?

331 pounds
2012 Honda Rebel – Specifications

Model: CMX250C
Fuel Capacity: 2.6 gallons, including 0.7-gallon reserve
Estimated Fuel Economy**: 84 mpg
Colors: Matte Silver, Candy Red
Curb Weight*: 331 pounds

How much is a Honda Rebel 300?

Honda Rebel 300/MSRP
Pricing and Variants Honda’s Rebel 300 comes in two forms: ABS ($4,899) and non-ABS ($4,599).

How much is a brand new Honda Rebel?

2021 Honda Rebel 500 ABS SE • $6,799.

Is a Honda Rebel 250 a good starter bike?

The Honda Rebel 250 is a great beginner motorcycle. If you’re looking for a beginner cruiser, a 250cc bullet-proof tried and tested engine that’s been around since the 1980s (and not a Kawasaki Ninja 250), this is a great alternative.

Is Honda Rebel a good bike?

If you’re looking for a solid affordable cruiser, the Honda Rebel lineup is a good place to start. And because of their smaller-capacity engines, the Rebel 300 and 500 also make excellent starter bikes for beginners.

Is Honda Rebel a good starter bike?

What kind of motorcycle is the Honda Rebel 250?

The Honda CMX250, also known as the Honda Rebel 250, is a cruiser-style motorcycle. It uses the same engine as the Honda CB250 Nighthawk, a model intended more for street use. The Honda Rebel is part of the Honda CM series of cruisers and customized motorcycles.

Is the Honda CMX250 rebel a cruiser bike?

A great bike for those who want to enter the cruiser world, the 2001 Honda CMX250 Rebel sports a nifty parallel-twin engine which is both brawny and economical. The bike is great for new riders and for small ones, as well, as it comes with a very low seat which allows firm contact with the ground when stopped.

How many miles per gallon does a rebel motorcycle get?

This lightweight (aprox. 320 pounds or 145 kg), 250 cc motorcycle is commonly used in the Motorcycle Safety Foundation ‘s certified rider-training courses. The Rebel averages 65 miles per gallon (3.6 L/100 km), with refills needed at around 135 miles (215 km).

What’s the price of a 2007 Honda Rebel?

2007 Honda CMX250C Rebel $2800 .00 1461 miles, metalic red, beautiful like new condition, no damage or issues, all stock and ori… You might like these other Honda Motorcycles. 2021 Honda Rebel CMX1100, Brand new 6 speed Manual! Call today! 2021 HONDA CMX500M, Specifications subject to change without notice.

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