How do I redirect http to HTTPS in IIS?

  1. Download and install the IIS URL Rewrite module, then launch IIS Manager.
  2. Select the website you want to apply redirection to, then double-click URL Rewrite.
  3. Click Add Rule(s)…
  4. Select Blank rule in the Inbound rules section, then click the OK button.
  5. Give your redirect an easy-to-remember name.

Why does IIS redirect to HTTPS?

Setting up an HTTP/HTTPS redirect in IIS. Once the SSL certificate is installed, your site still remains accessible via a regular insecure HTTP connection. To connect securely, visitors must specify the https:// prefix manually when entering your site’s address in their browsers.

How do I redirect traffic to HTTPS?

In the Action section, select Redirect from the pull-down menu. Then set the protocol to HTTPS. This will set the redirect port to 443 and the redirect response code to 302 (temporary redirect). HTTP Request Policies are quick and easy to set up, and impact only a single virtual service at a time.

How do I redirect traffic from port 80 to 443?


  1. Log on to the NetScaler and navigate to Configuration > Traffic Management > Load Balancing > Virtual Servers.
  2. Click Add to create a Load Balancing virtual server. The VIP should be the same as the Port 443 Virtual Server. The Port number should be 80. Click Continue. Click Protection Tab.

How do I set HTTP to HTTPS?

Easy 4-step process

  1. Buy an SSL Certificate.
  2. Install SSL Certificate on your web hosting account.
  3. Double check internal linking is switched to HTTPS.
  4. Set up 301 redirects so search engines are notified.

How do I set http to https?

How stop http redirect https?

Disabling the automatic redirect to HTTPS

  1. Log into your panel.
  2. Navigate to the Secure Certificates page.
  3. To the right of your domain, click the Settings button.
  4. In the AUTOMATIC HTTPS IS ENABLED FOR THIS SITE section you will see a green lock icon.
  5. Then click the Disable Automatic HTTPS button.

How can I Check my IIs redirect to https?

The IIS redirect can be checked by accessing your site via http:// specified in the URL. To make sure that your browser displays not the cached version of your site, you can use anonymous mode of the browser. The rule is created in IIS, but the site is still not redirected to https://

Is there a way to redirect Visual Studio to IIs?

the redirect will only happen with explict configuration and IIS or will not automatically redirect . It is not about Visual Studio, it is about Chrome. This solution worked for me: Google Chrome redirecting localhost to https the problem not in https but in lack of port.

How to set a redirect from http to https?

OPTION 2: Specify the Redirect Rule as https:// {HTTP_HOST}/ {R:1} and check the Append query string box. The Action type is also to be set as Redirect. Click on Apply on the right side of the Actions menu. The IIS redirect can be checked by accessing your site via http:// specified in the URL.

Why does port always redirect to https / / localhost?

The rewrite rule matched localhost as well and hence it redirects to https. I rewrote the redirect rule and it was ok. Thanks for contributing an answer to Stack Overflow! Please be sure to answer the question. Provide details and share your research! But avoid … Asking for help, clarification, or responding to other answers.

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