How can I register for eLitmus exam?

eLitmus Registration Process 2018

  1. Step 1: Register with eLitmus. To register for the exam first, create an account by registering in
  2. Step 2: Fill up the required details.
  3. Step 3: Fill your education details.
  4. Step 4: Complete your profile.

Is eLitmus test online?

eLitmus Online Tests Series The eLitmus online test series follow the same pattern as of the actual exam so that you don’t panic on the day of the exam.

How many times eLitmus test is conducted in a year?

There is no restriction on the number of times you can take the eLitmus pH test. Similarly, there is no mandatory gap period that a candidate has to maintain between two attempts. This means that candidates can take the eLitmus pH test as many times as they want by paying the necessary fees.

What is good score in Elitmus?

eLitmus pH Test Percentile Vs Score 80 percentile and above is generally considered to be a good score in eLitmus pH test.

Is Elitmus exam free?

The cost of eLitmus Test has not changed from a long period of time. Application Fee for pH exam can be paid either online or by cash or demand draft. The pH test fee at present is Rs. 920/-.

What is good score in eLitmus?

What is good score in eLitmus exam?

Is one month enough to prepare for eLitmus?

eLitmus is one of the most toughest exam which is why PrepInsta recommends that you should at least prepare for 2 – 3 months for eLitmus.

Is it worth to give eLitmus?

eLitmus is not only good, but it is one of the best in job portal in the market in India right now and is beneficial especially for computer science or IT branch students, because IT companies are more than core companies.

How to register for eLitmus Test Step by step?

First of all, go to elitmus website. Create new id on elitmus portal or login with the existing if you have already registered. Once the register is done, you can choose the exam center and exam date of your choice, from available slots. Once the exam is fee is paid, you will receive the admit card. This way, you can register for elitmus test.

What kind of test is eLitmus Hiring Potential Test?

pH Test or Hiring Potential Test is an assessment exam conducted by eLitmus. Companies use pH Test as a criterion for hiring employees. The test consists of three parts: Reasoning section. Results are declared in two formats: percentile score and total score. Companies call test-takers for interviews on the basis of pH score and their own criteria.

How many people have found jobs through eLitmus?

65% of candidates who found jobs through us had an existing offer. All companies serviced since Dec 2009 have reported high satisfaction level. Customers include – start-ups to Fortune 100 R&D to services companies.

Who are the companies that use the eLitmus pH test?

Companies call test-takers for interviews on the basis of pH score and their own criteria. Many top IT companies such as Accenture, Collabera, McAfee and Novell,IBM,CGI, among others have used the eLitmus pH score on numerous occasions to recruit candidates.

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