Can you buy a VR treadmill?

Like any omni-directional treadmill built for gaming, the Omni One aims to provide players with that ultimate sense of freedom in VR. For $1,995 USD (or $55 a month with a monthly payment plan) you can get the complete entertainment system including the treadmill, a standalone VR headset and operating software.

How much does a virtual reality treadmill cost?

Virtuix Omni VR Treadmill Price: The Omni One will be available in two versions when it launches in 2021. The full entertainment system, which includes the treadmill, a standalone VR headset, and operating software, costs $1,995 (or $55 per month with a recurring payment plan).

How much is the Omni treadmill?

Virtuix plans to sell Omni One for $1,995 (or $55 a month on a monthly payment plan). This pricing puts Omni One in line with mid-tier gaming PCs or connected fitness gear like a Peloton bike.

Can you use a VR headset on a treadmill?

In this modern world, VR controllers and VR headsets have replaced the eyes and hands of many VR enthusiasts. VR treadmills have been able to bridge the gap between video entertainment and exercise. With a VR treadmill, you can be enjoying your favorite VR game and at the same time exercising.

How does VR treadmill work?

The VR treadmills use inertial sensors to track your position, the length of the stride and how fast you are moving, and then the information is sent to a computer, which transforms the given data into the game movements.

When can I buy OMNI one?

Virtuix says Omni One is slated to release sometime in Q2 of 2021 priced at $1,995.

How big is a VR treadmill?

Available in sizes equivalent to US Men’s 4 – 15. Footprint of 55” (140cm) wide and 55” (140cm) long. Adjustable height from 35″ (89cm) to 44″ (112cm). The Omni is designed to accomodate a user height ranging from 4’8” to 6’5” (142cm – 195cm) and a weight up to 285 lbs (130kg).

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