Are there any Action Replay codes for SoulSilver?

Lots of Action Replay Codes – Guide for Pokemon SoulSilver Version. AME ID: HG: IPKJ A587D7CD SS: IPGJ 7387AC7F ::Move Anywhere Code :::Note: R+B to enable, L+B to disable 94000130 FCFD0200 1205D506 00000200 D2000000 00000000 94000130 FCFD0100 1205D506 00001C20 D2000000 00000000 ::Complete Badges (1/2 Badges???) (SELECT+UP) 94000130 FFFB0000

What do you do with code in soul silver?

Here’s the code: This code will allow you to walk through walls. You can also walk on water without using surf. To activate code, press R+B. To de-activate, press L+B. Press L+R to activate and then go into a Poke mart to collect it from the man in the green suit.

How to activate Ultra Ball in Pokemon soul silver?

How to use: Press L+R to activate. How to use: Replace XX with the corresponding level id. How to use: Press L+R, you’ll get 100 Ultra ball (check your bag). Walk on wild and Hold L for encounter. Trash some Ultra Ball, the number of remaining Ultra Ball will be the level of encountered Pokemon. How to use: Press Select+Up to activate.

Can you play as EV in Pokemon soulilver?

Play AS (these change overworld sprite, not battle. Use it at your own risk! IF you have ev mod and iv mod codes PLEASE pass it around…a move code would be nice as well

Are there any cheat codes for Pokemon soul silver?

Pokemon Soul Silver Action Replay Cheat Codes. Walk Through Walls. How to use: Press “R+B” to or hold “L” activate, uncheck cheat and reset the game to disable the cheat. 94000130 FCFD0200 1205DAA2 00000200 D2000000 00000000 94000130 FCFD0100 1250DAA2 00001C20 D2000000 00000000.

How to erase a Pokemon in Pokemon soul silver?

:::Hold R while moving a Pokémon to make a perfectly identical copy of it. Refresh screen to see results. :::Hold L while moving a Pokémon to erase it completely. Refresh screen to see results. Deleted Pokémon cannot be recovered! :::Use it at your own risk!

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