Who is No 1 in K Pop?

The current number-one on the chart as of the issue dated September 4, 2021 is “Nakka” (낙하) by AKMU and IU.

How are Billboard Hot 100 points calculated?

The Hot 100 is ranked by radio airplay audience impressions as measured by Nielsen BDS, sales data compiled by Nielsen Soundscan (both at retail and digitally) and streaming activity provided by online music sources. There are several component charts that contribute to the overall calculation of the Hot 100.

How many #1 does BTS have?

BTS are the only group with the most number 1 debuts in hot 100 history. BTS currently has three (3) number 1 debuts in their career – ‘Butter,’ ‘Dynamite,’ and ‘Life Goes On. ‘ ‘Butter’ also tops both Global and Global 200 charts.

Is there a Korean billboard?

On December 20, 2017, Billboard officially announced the reactivation of the Kpop Hot 100, and the relaunch of the Billboard Korea website. Chart updates also resumed on billboard.com.

Who is No 1 in BTS members?

Jungkook from BTS has achieved a new milestone as he has been ranked No. 1 on YouTube’s top 100 worldwide searches for the first half of 2021, at an 877.78 search index. Fans of the Bangtan Boys, the BTS ARMY is shaking up Twitter by trending ‘GLOBAL ICON JUNGKOOK’, ‘#WorldwideITBoyJK’ and ‘#jungkook’.

How many K pop artists are on the Billboard charts?

Billboard charts comprehensive update incomplete. The list is currently minus portions of Psy performance on 58 charts. The list is exclusive of Korea K-Pop Hot 100 data. Figures in red highlight indicate the highest rating received by K-pop artists on that chart.

When did the K-Pop Hot 100 come out?

The K-pop Hot 100 is a music singles chart in South Korea. It was launched by Billboard in conjunction with Billboard Korea on August 25, 2011. The chart is based on digital sales via leading websites, as well as downloads from mobile service sites using an industry-standard formula and the most credible music data sources within South Korea. [1]

Where does journey rank on the Billboard charts?

Chart data available in Billboard print issues only. ^ A Billboard article recapped the Boxscore (Hot Tours) chart dated August 18, 2018, combining multiple dates for the artists Journey and Def Leppard, which reassigned the ranking position for Got7 to #9, while the actual ranking was #16 for that reporting period.

Which is the most number one song in K-pop?

BTS has achieved the most number-one songs among male groups on the K-pop Hot 100 with six, and holds the record for most weeks at number one among all groups with a cumulative total of 40 weeks. Their 2020 single ” Dynamite ” spent 22 weeks at number one, the most of any song.

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