Which university is better for MSc?

Top Science Colleges in India

Rank Name of College
1 Miranda House, Delhi
2 Hindu College, Delhi
4 Madras Christian College (MCC), Chennai
5 Loyola College, Chennai

Which MSc is best in India?

MSc Courses: Top Specialization

Chemistry Planetology Cyber Forensic
Pharmacy Data Analytics Stem Cell Therapy
Life Science Forestry Systems Engineering
Forensic Science Paediatrics Design Computing
Oceanography Physiology Biochemistry

Is MSc in industrial chemistry a good course?

M.Sc. in Industrial Chemistry graduates can earn handsome salary packages and this course offers many stable Jobs in a variety of industries such as reputed roles such as a taxonomist, chemist, pharmacist and research associate.

What are the scopes of Industrial Chemistry?

Mentioned below is the list of various versatile job scope career designations for the aspirants who graduated in B.Sc Industrial Chemistry:

  • Beverage industry.
  • Environmental agencies.
  • Food industry.
  • Chemical industries.
  • Research organizations.
  • Private hospitals.
  • Laboratories.
  • Universities.

Which country is best for MSc?

The World’s Best Countries to Earn Your Masters Abroad in 2018

  1. South America. Learn more about South America, favorite place for degrees abroad amongst our users this year.
  2. Spain.
  3. China.
  4. Switzerland.
  5. Asia.
  6. France.
  7. Eastern Europe & Russia.
  8. England.

What is the fees for MSc?

M. Sc. Course Highlights

M.Sc. Full Form Master of Science
M.Sc. Eligibility You need to be a B.Sc.
M.Sc. Course Fee The fees range in INR 20,000 – INR 3 lakhs
M.Sc. Examination Type Semester
M.Sc. Admission Entrance exams, merit-based & direct admission

What is industrial chemistry in BSc?

BSc Industrial Chemistry is a 3-year undergraduate course offered by a large number of public and private institutes in India. This course deals with the processing, transforming and manufacturing of raw materials in different industries to make it useful for the humankind.

Who is the father of industrial chemistry?

Other “Father of Chemistry” Scientists

Subject Name
Father of Modern Chemistry Antoine Lavoisier
Father of Modern Chemistry Robert Boyle
Father of Modern Chemistry Jöns Berzelius
Father of Modern Chemistry John Dalton

Which is the best M.Sc College in India?

List of Top M.Sc Colleges In India based on 2021 Ranking. 1 St Stephen’s College, New Delhi. New Delhi, Delhi NCR UGC. — M.Sc – 4 Courses. 2 Hindu College, New Delhi. 3 Chandigarh University – [CU], Chandigarh. 4 Miranda House, New Delhi. 5 Jain University – [JU], Bangalore.

Which is the best college in India for food and Industrial Microbiology?

Top colleges of India for msc. In food and industrial microbiology are- 1. Loyola college, Chennai 2. Christ university, Bangalore 3. Women christian college, Chennai 4. Rvs college of arts and science, coimbature 5. Mount Carmel, Bangalore 6. Banaras Hindu University, varanasi

Which is the best B Tech College in West Bengal?

The West Bengal Board of Secondary Education class 10, 12 exams 2021 have been PM Modi during a high-level meeting on 1st June 2021 decided to cancel the CBSE VITEEE 2021 re-exam is scheduled to be conducted on June 10 for applicants who missed B.Optom. (Bachelor of Optometry) (56) M.Optom. (Master of Optometry) (29)

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