Which steroid cream is best for phimosis?

Topical application of 0.05% clobetasol propionate cream and skin stretching is a safe, simple, and effective procedure with no significant side effects for severe phimosis in prepubertal boys.

What creams help phimosis?

Topical steroids (a cream, gel or ointment that contains corticosteroids) are sometimes prescribed to treat a tight foreskin. They can help soften the skin of the foreskin, making it easier to retract. Phimosis can cause pain, skin splitting, or a lack of sensation during sex.

Do steroid creams work for phimosis?

What medical options are there for treating phimosis? Steroid creams – these may help to soften the skin and make it easier to stretch the foreskin. Usually, they are applied twice a day to the tip of the foreskin, for a period of four to eight weeks.

How do you get rid of phimosis without surgery?

In this conservative (non-surgical) treatment approach, a steroid cream is applied to the tip of the foreskin twice a day over a period of four to eight weeks. The steroid cream makes it easier to stretch the skin. After two weeks, the child or his parents can start trying to gradually stretch the foreskin once a day.

Does pulling back your foreskin hurt?

Full retraction usually occurs by age 5, but may also happen later in some boys. Don’t attempt to force your child’s foreskin back when bathing him. Forcing the foreskin back can cause pain, bleeding, or damage to the skin.

Can you live with phimosis?

Most cases of phimosis resolve before adolescence, but it’s possible for the condition to last into adulthood. Although there aren’t any serious health complications related to phimosis, it’s associated with conditions that can cause soreness, swelling, and difficulty urinating.

Is it safe to use betamethasone for phimosis?

Two patients with severe phimosis before treatment were diagnosed with congenital urethral malformations (hypospadias and epispadias) after treatment. Conclusions: The topical application of betamethasone is a highly efficacious, safe, and well-tolerated treatment of phimosis in this large series of boys.

What’s the best way to cure phimosis without surgery?

Use coconut oil to gently stretch the tight foreskin One of the best home remedies for phimosis to cure phimosis without surgery is to gently stretch and retract the foreskin with the help of warm water and coconut oil.

Which is better Tid or bid for phimosis?

The 21-day TID and 30-day BID regimens in conjunction with manual retraction are equally efficacious and can be offered to parents requesting nonsurgical management of phimosis. Untoward effects are rare with either regimen.

Are there any downsides to using dovobet?

Dovobet is an established strong steroid ointment and yes it is known for the downsides of extended use. Similar a newer application, Enstillar is know for its strength and also unfortunately negative affect. Could it be that your P got worse as you were experiencing a major flare up and the dovobet was not having an affect?

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