Which is Hilti anchor system do you use?

Anchor Systems Hilti. Outperform. Outlast. Anchor Systems 229 Anchor Systems www.hilti.com Anchor Systems Injectable Adhesive Anchors Injectable mortar HIT-RE 500-SD, HIT-RE 500, HIT-HY 200-R Page 238-239 Anchor rod (metric) Hilti HIT-Z, (stainless metric) Hilti HIT-Z-R, Hammer drill bit TE-YD, TE-CD Page 239-241

How long is the warranty for Hilti rotary hammer?

3 or free: get the tool serviced and cleaned in 3 days flat or there is no charge Servicing is free of charge for up to 2 years, including wear and tear, pick-up and delivery Product warranty against parts and manufacturing irregularities for as long as we service the tool

What do you do with a Te 2 m hammer?

Quick-change “TE-C Click” chuck and user-friendly selector switch for high working comfort 360° side handle adjusts easily for preference or for use in tight spaces Everyday hammer drilling in concrete, masonry and natural stone 2 gears for optimal drilling speed in steel, wood and plastics using the optional quick-release chuck

When was the Hilti hsl-3 expansion anchor invented?

Innovation and industry firsts have been a constant part of our story in anchor and fastening design since 1953, including: Our Hilti HSL-3 expansion anchor – designed for challenging dynamic conditions

Where do we make Hilti tools and consumables?

OUR PRODUCTION LOCATIONS. Where we make Hilti tools, consumables and technologies. Schaan, Liechtenstein. Our manufacturing plant in Schaan, Liechtenstein specializes in metal anchors, direct fastening elements, such as nails and fasteners, and diamond segments for core bits and saw blades.

When was the first Hilti fastening plant built?

The plant was founded in 1941 and was our first Hilti production facility. It has been extensively expanded and modernized over the years. The facility produced direct fastening elements when it was first opened but other products have been added to the manufacturing line since then.

Is the Hilti A12 outdoor rotating laser built to last?

One button, one function design makes this rotating laser extremely easy to use Built to last – engineered to US Military standards (MIL-STD-810G) with head-mounted bumpers, four shock-absorbing handles and IP66 protected housing to maintain laser accuracy in rough jobsite conditions

What can Hilti do with PROFIS engineering suite?

In Hilti’s hands, we have high expectations that we can accomplish more with PROFIS Engineering Suite’s anchoring into concrete on deck module and anticipate that the software will help us solve complex anchor design challenges. STAAD.PRO

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