Which caste is Poojary?

Pujare also known as Pujar, Pujara, Poojari or Pujari, traditionally belonged to the priestly class in the Brahmkshatriya community of the Maratha society. They are the original inhabitants of Rameshwar in Devgad Taluka of Sindhudurg District in Maharashtra, India and southern district of Karnataka.

What is billava caste?

The Billava, Billoru, Biruveru people are an ethnic group of India. They are found traditionally in coastal Karnataka and engaged in toddy tapping, cultivation and other activities. They have used both missionary education and Sri Narayana Guru’s reform movement to upgrade themselves.

What caste is Suvarna?

Suvarna Baniks popularly called Bene is a mercantile group from Bengal dealing in gold and silver. Their spiritual guide is Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and their religious services are performed by a class of degraded Brahmins called Sonar Baniya Brahmins.

Who are the Billavas who are called Poojary?

Hence, those who took up the profession of priest amongst the Billavas lately came to be called generally as Poojary or Poojari which literally means priest. The Poojarys of Tulunadu is a sub-sect of Billava community.

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Which is the mother tongue of the Poojary community?

The mother tongue of Poojary community is mainly Tulu but in Kundapura taluk these peoples do speak Kannada. It is very difficult differentiate between Billava and Poojary in a broader view. The word Poojary or Poojari literally means “worshiper”.

Which is a sub sect of Billava community in Karnataka?

Poojary also known as Poojari, is a is a sub-sect of Billava community of Dakshina Kannada district in Karnataka, a south Indian state.

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