Where was Holloway Sanatorium?

Virginia Water
Holloway Sanatorium was an institution for the treatment of those suffering temporary mental illness, situated on 22 acres (9 ha) of aesthetically landscaped grounds near Virginia Water, Surrey, England, about 22 miles (35 km) south-west of Charing Cross.

What is Holloway Sanatorium now?

Holloway Sanatorium was built by Henry Crossland for ‘mentally afflicted persons’ in 1884 and still stands today. The patients are however long gone and today the estate known as Virginia Park is home to a mix of residents who enjoy living in a gated community.

How did Thomas Holloway make his money?

Thomas Holloway was a Victorian entrepreneur who became a millionaire through marketing pills and ointments globally.

What is Virginia Park?

Virginia Park is a 24 acre walled site with the centre piece being the magnificent Grade I listed Gothic building with unique indoor swimming pool complex with Jacuzzi, sunbeds and sauna as well as a gym. To the front of the building is a tennis court and green with tree lined walkways and play areas for children.

What is Virginia Water?

Virginia Water is a commuter town or village in northern Surrey, home to the Wentworth Estate and the Wentworth Club. The place has much woodland and occupies a large minority of the Borough of Runnymede. Its name is shared with the lake on its western boundary with Windsor Great Park.

What was Royal Holloway built for?

The college was built for Thomas Holloway (1800-1883), using the proceeds of his patent medicines, with the intention of providing university education for woman. He endowed the college as a memorial to his wife.

Who founded Royal Holloway?

Thomas Holloway
Royal Holloway/Founders

Today’s Royal Holloway is formed from two colleges, founded by two social pioneers, Elizabeth Jesser Reid and Thomas Holloway. They were among the first places in Britain where women could access higher education.

Is Virginia Water posh?

Virginia Water is the only place outside of London to make it into the top 10 most expensive postcodes. The GU25 area is ranked sixth overall in the country, with homes in the area changing hands for an average of £920,000.

Is Virginia Water Free?

Visitor information It is free to visit Virginia Water Lake and explore the surrounding woodland all year round. Address and postcode: A30, London Road, Virginia Water, GU25 4QF.

When did the Holloway Sanatorium in Virginia Water open?

Holloway Sanatorium, opened in 1885, was one such institution. Thomas Holloway, a multi-millionaire businessman, donated the funds and commissioned the extraordinary gothic-style building and extensive pleasure grounds at Virginia Water. Right next to the railway station, it offered easy access for inmates, visitors and supplies.

Is the Holloway Sanatorium in Surrey a listed building?

Surrey History Centre, Ref 725.5 S1x. Recent picture of the main entrance to Virginia Park, an exclusive housing development, which incorporates the immaculately restored Grade 1 listed Sanatorium building. Photograph, about 1996, courtesy of Octagon Developments.

Where is the cricket pitch at Holloway Sanatorium?

The cricket pitch in the Sanatoriums extensive grounds, illustrated in a publicity brochure. Some Views of Holloway Sanatorium, St Annes Heath, Virginia Water, Surrey, about 1905. Surrey History Centre, Ref 725.5 S1x.

Who was awarded second premium for Holloway Sanatorium?

Alfred Smith was awarded the second premium of £100 and all the others received £50 for their trouble, except Hine, a Nottingham architect, who received only £25: possibly he had not actually been invited to submit a plan. The moneys were paid out in July 1872.

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