With just over 40 days left to the 2019 National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET), which is set to happen on Sunday, 5 May 2019, as an MBBS or BDS aspirant, you should be in the last leg of your preparation. Let us look at what this entails so that you can enter the examination with a clear and calm mind and are able to give it your best:

#1 Make a note of all the topics covered till now to review where you stand

Since the syllabus for the NEET is extremely vast, with less than 6 weeks left for the exam, sit down with it and have a look at all the topics that you have covered till now. You should have covered the topics that are important from the examination point of view. If there is a topic that you wish to revisit, add it to your To-Do list and find time to cover it before the exam. At this point in your preparation, there shouldn’t be more than 4-5 such topics that you have trouble understanding. Reach out to your teachers and peers whom you think can help you with it.

#2 The 80-20 Rule: Mock tests & Study time

As you are only 40 days away from the NEET, your study schedule should have 80 percent of your time devoted to attempting mock tests and previous year papers and the remaining 20 percent towards solving your doubts and covering topics that you are unsure of. This is not the time to pick up topics you haven’t studied even once. The key is to be thorough with what you have studied and attempt mock test questions only on those topics. Also while attempting mock tests or previous exam papers, try and create an exam like scenario, allowing you to write the examination with a complete focus within the stipulated duration.

#3 Do not join any crash courses

Students who enroll for crash courses before the exam end up getting even more confused and unsure of their preparation which could lead to a disastrous attempt in the NEET. This time is extremely crucial and must be utilized in strengthening topics that need attention with dedicated self-study. Previous year toppers have emphasized on building the habit of self-study and not be reliant on external sources as it builds character and discipline.

#4 Stick to the reference material that you have been following till now

At this point in your NEET preparation, do not get swayed or influenced by your peers who have been using a different book(s) than what you have been using. If you have followed a certain method, a specific book or refer to a particular website for your preparation till now, do not change to something that you haven’t tried before. The time for experimentation is long gone. Anything that you now do differently in your preparation is only going to cause chaos and panic.

#5 Stay calm and positive

The NEET is one of the most important examinations in any MBBS or BDS aspirant. On average, a medical or dental sciences student starts preparing for the NEET right after their Class X Board examinations. While the course material and the level of dedication required in the two years may seem a bit overwhelming and exhausting, just a few weeks away from the examination, one must think about the reason why they decided to pursue the medical or dental sciences field as a career and only focus on doing well. Once you have a clear vision of your goal, what matters is how you go about working towards it with a positive outlook and a belief that you will achieve what you set out to do.

All the very best!

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