What is the best Christian rap?

Here is a look at the top Christian rappers today….Top 15 best Christian rappers

  1. Lecrae.
  2. NF.
  3. Andy Mineo.
  4. Flame.
  5. KB.
  6. Trip Lee.
  7. TobyMac.
  8. Tedashii.

Who is the number 1 Christian rapper?

The most prominent Christian rappers have been TobyMac, who was the first rapper to have success in the mainstream Christian music scene, Lecrae and NF, who have emerged recently on the mainstream rap scene, and Kanye West, who began making Christian hip hop and gospel music in 2019.

What are some hype Christian songs?

Today, religious athletes—or the focus of this list, Christian ones—are combining music and faith to get hyped….Check out the online magazine for more Christian hip-hop music.

  • ‘Whatever It Takes’: Jin.
  • ‘High’: Grits.
  • ‘Stronger’: Derek Minor.
  • ‘Slingshot Strong’: Yaves.
  • ‘Way Hard’: D-Maub.
  • ‘Nick of Time’: Jin.

What are some good Christian rap songs?

Top Christian Rap Songs 2018 1. Forgive Me—D-Young (ft. Mahadi) 2. New Reality— Lecrae (ft. Chinua Hawk) 3. Mission to Mars— Derek Minor (ft. PK) 4. Robot—Trip Lee 5. Dear Mr. Christian—Derek Minor (ft. Dee-1 & Lecrae) 6. Sweet Victory—Trip Lee (ft. Dimitri McDowell & Leah Smith) 7. One Sixteen—Trip Lee (ft. KB & Andy Mineo )

Who is the most popular Christian rapper?

Lecrae is easily the best Christian rapper out there. He places actual scripture alone with great production and the flow is off the chain.

What rappers are Christian?

Although generally described to be Christian rappers, artists such as Lecrae , Andy Mineo , KB, Trip Lee, Tedashii , Social Club Misfits , NF, John Givez , Derek Minor and Propaganda describe themselves hip hop artists who are expressing themselves, and are openly Christian.

Who are the best Christian rappers?

Top 10 – Best Christian Rappers – All Time 10. KJ-52 9. Canon 8. Tedashii 7. Derek Minor 6. KB 5. Thi’sl 4. Trip Lee 3. Bizzle 2. Andy Mineo 1. LeCrae

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