What do you do with old hula hoops?

Your old hula hoop can be great again!

  1. Lilypad pool warmers. Okay, this one is for those with backyard pools.
  2. Giant jellyfish. Be the ball!
  3. DIY hula hoop cloche to protect veggies.
  4. Chandelier.
  5. Giant sculpture.
  6. Huge handbag.
  7. A shower.
  8. Christmas tree.

What can you do with Tshirt yarn?

10 t-shirt yarn projects

  1. Macrame wall hanging.
  2. Triangle design crochet basket.
  3. Macramé plant hanger.
  4. Chunky crochet stool cover.
  5. Cat basket.
  6. Crochet clutch purse with fringe.
  7. Simple storage tubs.
  8. Yarn chandelier.

Can you finger knit a rug?

Finger Knit The first step to making your finger knit rug is just that — finger knitting. Take your extra bulky yarn and hold the end with your thumb against your index finger. To finish, cut the yarn off the skein, weave the yarn into the final loop on your fingers, slide the yarn off your hand and pull.

What can you do with finger knitting?

Knit Easy: Finger Knitting and Arm Knitting Projects We Love

  1. Cozy Seat Cushions Using Unspun Wool Roving.
  2. Colorful Wall Hanging Using Lengths of Finger-Knit Fibers.
  3. A Memorable DIY New Baby Gift.
  4. An Extra-Luxe Blanket (in Just 45 Minutes)
  5. A Magical Mermaid Tail.
  6. Accessorize Your Home with a DIY Pouf.

Is Tshirt yarn good?

T-shirt yarn is fun to make and fun to use in knitting projects, whether you make it yourself or use one of the commercially available yarns made out of old shirts. While the results are awesome and the projects work up quickly because the yarn is so big, the t-shirt yarn can be a little difficult to work.

Can I knit a rug?

You only need to knit and purl to make this room-warming 4×6 foot rug. The yarn used is made from polyester too, so it’s machine washable! Speaking of the yarn, exceptionally bulky yarn is hard to come by at an affordable price.

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