The Mental And Physical Benefits Of Playing Animated Games In Moderation!

In recent times, online games have replaced the earlier version of video games. You can easily access these online games through your mobile phones and computers.

Ever since their inception, such games have enjoyed a loyal fan base. And for a good reason. For long, animated games have brought people together and given them a source of entertainment.

Apart from that, animated games also deliver multiple mental and physical benefits. Yes, you read that right. The key is to play in moderation and keep away from addiction.

Let’s look at these advantages that make video games a healthy choice of entertainment.

Keeps the Mind Active

If you follow a monotonous lifestyle where every day is more or less the same, you may not feel challenged. It is an essential aspect to keep your mind sharp and also to get that occasional break from the dullness of routine life.

The Mental And Physical Benefits Of Playing Animated Games In Moderation!

As you indulge in challenging games such as sudoku, scrabble or crossword, you will feel intellectually stimulated. When you work towards resolving the puzzles, the juices in your brain start flowing again.

Several studies in this area have found that playing such brain-games can also slow down the ageing process.

Improves Your Decision Making

Every other step of your life is about making a decision. Whether it is to decide our dress in the morning or the food that you want to eat, it’s nothing but decisions.

Effective decision-making becomes all the more vital if you work or when you hold a position when your choices have significant implications. As you play animated games, you will often land in a situation where you will have to make quick decisions.

You will also be exposed to new information where you will have to make your decisions considering all your options. Mostly, you will have to make your decisions on the spot. These abilities get extrapolated to other aspects of your life, and you get better at it.

Moreover, you will learn to process sensory data for making crucial decisions. As your brain processes the visual-spatial information that you see on the screen, it will learn to process that information faster and with favourable results.

Enhances Your Attention Span

In today’s time, when there are so many distractions around us, it is becoming common for people to have a short attention span. For instance, gone are the days when more people would indulge in reading big fat novels. Today it is more about skimming through articles on the internet.

When you play animated games, you commit your time and attention towards winning the game. When the game is of your interest, your brain learns to distribute the limited resources that struggle for attention. In the process, your brain also learns to focus.

It is the reason why animated games can help in easing dyslexia and attention deficit disorders in children. It is an interactive method that teaches the user to achieve a goal despite the obstacles.

Your Soluton to Socialise

Do you miss getting together with your friends and family for a fun evening? With the ongoing COVID pandemic, nobody knows when it will become possible again. Online games offer a unique way to do something fun with your loved ones, virtually.

All you need to do is download the game, fix a time and enjoy a friendly match of ludo game online with them. It will take you back to the old days and help you relive those fond childhood memories.

Improve Your Eyesight

You must have always heard your parents tell you not to spend too much time watching television or you would spoil your eyes. Moderation is the key.

When you play animated games in a controlled manner, you can resolve multiple eye problems. For instance, some games can help in curing the lazy eye disease.

Physical Fitness

Thanks to more advanced Playstations, now you can play a match of bowling or get a dance mat for a fun workout session. You can even call your friends over and enjoy a good game while maintaining your physical fitness.

Such active games are also recommended for the youth who may not get the time for a regular fitness schedule.

Better Hand-Eye Coordination

Hand-eye coordination is not only a fine motor skill meant for kids. Several jobs require professionals to be adept at this. For instance, surgeons cannot afford to go wrong in this aspect as it is the life of the patient that is at stake.

Several medical schools prepare surgeons for real-time operations through a virtual animated training session. Similarly, pilots also go through extensive animated virtual sessions to learn about the control panel of an aircraft.

Strategy and Planning

All games require some strategy formulation and implementation. It is a key requirement whether you play a simple game of ludo championship or a more complex game of Chess.

In the former, you have to find a clear path and decide which pegs to advance to win the game. As you play Chess, you need to understand the implications of each move.

As you start making your strategies with the visual-spatial information that you have in hand, along with constantly changing data, you get better at making your strategies.

Enjoy a Happy State of Mind

When everyone is busy in their hectic lives, you can feel lonely at times. The current pandemic is not doing anyone any good. You may want to avoid visiting your loved ones for everyone’s safety. However, at times the social distancing may get to you.

In this scenario, online animated games can come to your rescue. Not only can they give you a fun-filled way to kill time, but also to connect with your friends and family. One single game of Ludo or Bingo or Tambola can do wonders to your mood and bring a smile to your face.


Despite the widely-known perception that animated games are not healthy for you, they bring several benefits to the table. They help you develop essential skills for living a meaningful life. Moreover, they help you connect with the people you love and do something fun.

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