Is there alligators in Joe Wheeler State Park?

One of first alligator sighting in north Alabama occurred in 1964 at Wheeler Wildlife Refuge. In 1979 55 alligators were relocated from the warmer waters of Louisiana to the Wheeler Wildlife Refuge. It is estimated that there 50-70 alligators in the Wheeler Wildlife Refuge.

Do alligators live in northern Alabama?

Alligators have had a growing presence in North Alabama dating back to the 70’s when more than 50 were introduced to Wheeler Wildlife Refuge. “Some areas it does get too cold for young alligators to survive. But older alligators are very well suited to withstand long periods of cold temperatures,” said Hudson.

Are there alligators in Guntersville Alabama?

“There are reports of them near Guntersville, so that’s a pretty large area of the Tennessee River that’s had reports of them.” Cooley said larger, mature alligators have enough body mass to survive the colder winters, but the newly-hatched ones likely die off most years.

Does the Coosa River have alligators?

Alligators have been reported off and on in the river and impoundments for years. One story that has also been around for years was the one dam builders passed along when building the various lakes for Alabama Power on the Coosa. To be sure, catfish over a hundred pounds have been caught in the Coosa.

What is the biggest alligator ever caught in Alabama?

1,011.5 pounds The current record holder for the largest alligator ever caught is a 15-foot-9-inch gator that clocked in at 1,011.5 pounds and was captured in Mill Creek, Alabama, according to ABC.

Are there crocodiles in Mobile Alabama?

According to the Alabama Extension Service, there are two types of crocodilian species in the U.S: crocodiles and alligators. In Alabama, alligators are mostly found in the coastal and inland waters of the Mobile Delta but have been reported as far north as the Tennessee and Elk Rivers.

Does the Tennessee River have alligators?

“TWRA has not stocked any alligators in Tennessee. Alligators expanding into Tennessee is just another species that we must learn to coexist with like many of the other southern states.”

Are there bull sharks in the Alabama River?

A similar bull shark was spotted by a state conservation officer in July 2009 in a rare sighting on the Alabama River. A state conservation officer said Tuesday that he spotted a 3- to 4-foot-long bull shark earlier this month swimming in the Alabama River about 80 miles from the Gulf of Mexico.

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