Is Red Cedar good for flooring?

It’s a Relatively Eco-Friendly Wood Flooring Like most softwoods, cedar grows fast, so it’s possible to keep up with the demand in a more sustainable fashion than with slower growing hardwoods.

Is Red Cedar expensive?

It typically sells for $5 per board foot. Cedar wood that may exhibit a few minor characteristics which do not detract from their high appearance and quality such as a very light torn grain, very light skips on the non-graded face and very light warp are sold for half the price.

Why is Red Cedar so expensive?

You may have been surprised by the recent and/or impending price increases on Western Red Cedar lately. This has been caused by a large trade dispute between Canada and the U.S. that has been going on since the 80’s on all softwoods imported from Canada.

What is maple floor?

Maple hardwood flooring is a solid hardwood or engineered wood floor milled from maple trees. Maple is a domestic hardwood that comes from forests in the northern United States and Canada. Maple flooring is extremely dense and hard, making it an ideal choice for homes that need durable flooring for the long term.

Why are cedar shakes so expensive?

It tends to be more expensive than other wood siding options, due mostly to labor, and has some advantages over other wood siding options.

Where can I get cedar flooring for my home?

By ordering direct from Advantage Trim & Lumber Company, you can be rest assured that your order of cedar flooring will be fulfilled and shipped to you days, not months. We also offer custom molding up to 8”, trim, railings, and can manufacture practically any profile from our extensive hardwood inventory.

What kind of wood is western red cedar?

Our Cedar boards are kiln dried and our Cedar beams green. Cedar can be smoothed out on all four sides or left with a rough-sawn look. Cedar is relatively economical and will last longer than almost any other wood. Stonewood Products supplies Western Red Cedar to customers across the country.

What are the characteristics of cedar wood flooring?

Cedar wood has the following characteristics: Medium density wood with a Janka hardness of 900 Low bending and resistance to shock loads Medium crushing strength and low stiffness sapwood is prone to attack by the common furniture beetle Nailed, screwed and glued joints hold perfectly Cedar can hold stained, polished or painted enamels

How much does cedar flooring cost per square foot?

Cedar is also native to North America, which basically means that you’re also saving the expense of buying an imported wood flooring option. Depending on your preferences, you can usually get high quality cedar softwood for as low as $4 per square foot.

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