Is HACC campus open?

Our campus buildings will be open to students and employees in on-campus courses or with scheduled appointments for select student services. We will increase the number of on-campus classes offered in fall 2021. We will bring select student services back on campus for YOUR convenience.

What is HACC’s mascot?

Harrisburg Area Community College/Mascot

Is HACC nationally accredited?

The Middle States Commission on Higher Education is an institutional accrediting agency. It is recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. It accredited HACC initially in April of 1967. Specific programs receive national accreditation.

What is the minimum GPA a student needs to earn to avoid being on academic probation?

To get off probation students must show academic progress, which typically means improving their GPA to a 2.0 on a 4.0 scale. That’s easier to do when students have earned a small number of credit hours and a single class carries more weight on their cumulative GPA.

Is HACC a two year college?

D. HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College, (HACC) is a community college in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. HACC serves 17,000 degree-seeking students, as well as more than 8,300 remedial and workforce development students. The College has more than 100,000 alumni.

Is HACC nonprofit?

The HACC Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was established in 1985 to raise funds for HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College.

Do HACC credits expire?

How long do I have before the credits expire? Your credits will expire 18 months from your graduation date. You must apply and enroll into the related CTE program at a partnering post-secondary institution in order to receive credit.

Is HACC a nonprofit?

What is the tuition for HACC?

In-state tuition 8,085 USD, Out-of-state tuition 9,585 USD (2019 – 20)
Harrisburg Area Community College/Undergraduate tuition and fees

How much does HACC cost per credit?

Full-time status is based on an enrollment status of 12 credits per term and Part-time status based on 6 credits per term. In-State Tuition and Fees are $276.50 per credit and Out of State $327.50 per credit….What is the cost of attendance?

OFF-CAMPUS – Students not residing with their parents.
TOTAL $21,580 $17,440

Is there a bookstore on campus at HACC?

While the physical bookstores on campus are closed until August 16, 2021, the bookstore website is taking orders. To order books for any HACC class or HACC merchandise, choose HACC Bookstore. To order Apple products choose HawkTech. To order books for a Thaddeus Stevens class, choose Thaddeus Stevens Textbooks.

What do you need to know about HACC Community College?

Update on HACC Foundation Donor Management System View our 2019-20 Annual Report! Spring 2021 Final Exam Schedule Available Be in the know: Sign up for e2Campus! View HACC’s 2020 Annual Security Report “I have always wanted to go to college and HACC was a right fit for me.” Learn how Mel found her fit at HACC.

How long does it take to register for HACC classes?

You will be registered by HACC enrollment staff within two business days of receipt of registration. Please call the Welcome Center at 717-780-2414 or email [email protected] to discuss payment options.

Where to get financial aid for HACC Harrisburg?

Student Financial Aid, when available, may be used at the HACC bookstore and at HawkTech. If you have purchased from the HACC Harrisburg campus website in the past, you can use that same account when you choose HACC Bookstore below to place your order.

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