How old is Niklas Kronwall?

40 years (January 12, 1981)
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Is Niklas Kronwall retiring?

DETROIT (AP) — Niklas Kronwall is retiring after 15 seasons with the Detroit Red Wings. The hard-hitting defenseman announced his retirement in a video Tuesday on the team’s Twitter account. He will remain with the Red Wings as an adviser to the general manager.

Is Niklas Kronwall married?

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Where is Niklas Kronwall from?

Viksjö, Sweden
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How tall is Kronwall?

6′ 0″
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When did kronwall join the Red Wings?

2003Detroit Red Wings, Swedish National Men’s Ice Hockey Team
1999Djurgårdens IF Hockey
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Kronwall played all of his 953 NHL games with the Red Wings since debuting in 2003-04.

Does Kronwall still play hockey?

The Cornwall Colts are a Canadian junior ice hockey team from Cornwall, Ontario, Canada. They are a part of the Central Canada Hockey League….

Cornwall Colts
League Central Canada Hockey League
Division Robinson
Founded 1988
Home arena Ed Lumley Arena

What is Kronwalled?

He has developed and patented a unique way of hitting players by lining them up, usually along the boards, then just before the time of contact, turns his back to his opponent and essentially jumps into him back-first. It’s so unique that it has it’s own name. To be hit like that means you’ve been Kronwalled.

Is Adam McQuaid still playing hockey?

On March 15, 2019 McQuaid scored his first goal as a Blue Jacket, the game-winning goal as they shut out the Carolina Hurricanes, 3–0 in Columbus. On January 16, 2021, McQuaid officially announced his retirement from professional hockey after 12 seasons.

Where is Adam McQuaid now?

He’s still living in Boston and keeps close tabs on the Bruins. “I enjoy, now more than ever, watching hockey,” he said. McQuaid recently spoke with the Telegram & Gazette for a Q&A about his health, career and family.

Where did Adam McQuaid go?

How old is McQuaid?

34 years (October 12, 1986)
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