How much HP does a 350 Big Bear have?

The 1996 Yamaha Big Bear 350 has a maximum power output of 17.1 kW (23.2PS) @ 6,500 RPM. 2.64 US gal/10 liters of regular gasoline with a pump Octane number of 87+ and a research Octane number of 91+ is enough to fill the vehicle’s tank. Lubrication: The Big Bear’s oil capacity at draining is 3.1 US quarts/2.9 liters.

How fast does a Yamaha Big Bear 400 go?

The Big Bear top speed is 52 mph on stock – but only averages up to 45 mph for most owners. While the quad is meant for hard work and low-end grunt, there are a few Yamaha Big Bear 400 parts that you can upgrade to improve its top-end speed and power delivery and its look and off-road readiness.

How much horsepower does a Yamaha Big Bear 400 have?

4,099 in 2009 wet brake first gear standard equipment on the outside, the Big Bear 400 – 2010 Big! Full tank of fuel add yamaha big bear 400 horsepower 30lbs to these weights Bear 250 model weighs 456 lbs not very!

How much is a Yamaha Big Bear 400 worth?

What is the Yamaha Big Bear worth? The list prices of the Yamaha Big Bear 400 range from $5,399 to $6,599, depending on model year, trim, and added accessories. Camo-styled trims are the most expensive of the lot. The average retail value is between $1,175 and $4,050 based on Nada Guides pricing.

What kind of oil does a Yamaha Big Bear 350 take?

Recommended viscosity is SAE 10W-30 of Yamalube 4 4-stroke oil or its equivalent.

Where can I buy a 1999 Yamaha Big Bear?

This is above average condition for the year. 1999 YAMAHA BIG BEAR 350 4X4 ATV, NICE USED 4X4 ATV. Leone’s Polaris/Ski-Doo/Can-Am located in Peru, Illinois has been a factory authorized powersports dealership since 1969, Come in and check out our 20000 sq. ft. dealership.

When did the Yamaha Big Bear 350 come out?

1989 Yamaha Big Bear 350 4X4. Electric start, automatic 5-speed with Hi/Lo/Reverse. The Yamaha Big Bear has the reputation of being reliable and bulletproof. It’s been garaged for 12 years so it doesn’t have as many miles as its age might indicate. Its life has been utility transportation around a ranchette.

Is the Big Bear 350 a 4×4 vehicle?

Amidst the newfound rave for four-wheeled all-terrain vehicles, Yamaha made a timely move and introduced its first-ever 4×4 vehicle, the Yamaha Big Bear 350. The 350cc machine, launched alongside other pioneer quads, allowed consumers to experience class-leading technology at a reasonable price.

What kind of tires does a 1996 Yamaha Big Bear have?

1996 YAMAHA Big Bear 350 4×4, VERY LOW MILES AND IN GREAT SHAPE!! The Big Bear 4×4 is equipped with manual 5 speed transmiss with hi/lo range, brand new tires, reverse, electric start and more. 1989 Yamaha Big Bear 350 4X4. Electric start, automatic 5-speed with Hi/Lo/Reverse.

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