How long do you leave colour touch on for?

DEVELOPMENT TIMES: Without heat – 20 minutes (or 15 minutes after a perm or straightening service). With added heat (e.g. Climazon) – 15 minutes (or 10 minutes after a perm or straightening service).

What developer do you use with Wella Color Touch?

Color Touch developer emulsion 1,9% should be used with Wella Color Touch colors.

How much developer do I use with Wella Color Touch?

Mix 1 : 1 with COLOR TOUCH Emulsion 1.9 % or 4 % apply on dry hair, develop for 5–20 min depending on desired intensity. When developing time is completed, add some lukewarm water and gently emulsify. Rinse thoroughly with water. Wash hair once with Wella Professionals Brilliance or Elements Shampoo.

How do you mix color touch?

Always mix COLOR TOUCH with COLOR TOUCH Emulsion 1.9% or 4%. Mix at a ratio of 1:2, e.g. 30 g Cream + 60 g Emulsion.

Does colour touch cover GREY?

Try: Demi-permanent Color Touch, which is an ammonia-free hair colour that creates a radiant finish, or opt for Color Touch Plus to achieve up to 70% grey coverage. While a demi-permanent or semi-permanent hair color can be applied to any level of grey, it’s often used to camouflage early greys, giving 30-70% coverage.

What is a quasi colour?

Quasi-permanent hair colour is a colour depositing product that’s a mixture of oxidative colour (small colour molecules) and direct dyes (large colour molecules). Quasi-colouring services are ideal as an introduction to hair colour or for clients who don’t want to maintain an all-over colour.

What is the difference between 10 vol and 20 vol developer?

The 10 volume developer is a standard oxidizing level for permanent, no-lift hair color. It also opens the hair cuticle layer, allowing the color molecules to penetrate and deposit in the cortex. The 20 volume developer opens the hair cuticle but unlike 10 volume, it provides lifting of the hair by one to two levels.

Does Wella colour touch cover GREY?

What is the best hair dye for GREY hair?

Best hair dyes to banish grey hairs that you can use at home

  1. Garnier Olia Permanent Hair Colour.
  2. Phyto Permanent Hair Colour.
  3. L’Oreal Paris Excellence Creme.
  4. Schwarzkopf Color Expert Omegaplex Hair Dye.
  5. Christophe Robin Temporary Color Gel.
  6. Rootz Instant Grey Cover Up Concealer.
  7. Clairol Natural Instincts Semi-Perm Hair Dye.

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