How do you check reboot logs?

Using Event Logs

  1. 1 – Open the Event Viewer, and then click on System:
  2. 2 – Filter the events by clicking on Filter Current Log…, as shown below:
  3. 3 – Next, add the Event IDs 6006 and 6005, and click on Ok:
  4. 4 – Now you will be able to see the last time the system reboot and startup:

How do I check the reboot log in Event Viewer?

How to find out who restarted Windows Server

  1. Login to Windows Server.
  2. Launch the Event Viewer (type eventvwr in run).
  3. In the event viewer console expand Windows Logs.
  4. Click System and in the right pane click Filter Current Log.

What is the event ID for System reboot?

Event ID 1074: System has been shutdown by a process/user.

Description This event is written when an application causes the system to restart, or when the user initiates a restart or shutdown by clicking Start or pressing CTRL+ALT+DELETE, and then clicking Shut Down.
Category System
Subcategory Startup/Shutdown

How can I find out why my computer restarted?

Just enter eventvwr in the run dialog (which can be called by pressing Win + R ). Under Windows Logs > System look for events from the “Kernel-Power”. This will also show if the system unexpectedly restarted by a blue screen and show events prior to it.

How do I check Windows reboot logs?

1) View Shutdown and Restart Log from Event Viewer Type “eventvwr. msc” (no quotes) and hit Enter. The Event Viewer windows will open. After that, navigate to Windows Logs > System on the left pane.

How do I check shutdown logs?

Here’s How:

  1. Press the Win + R keys to open Run, type eventvwr.
  2. In the left pane of Event Viewer, open Windows Logs and System, right click or press and hold on System, and click/tap on Filter Current Log. (
  3. Enter the event ID’s below into the field, and click/tap on OK. (

How do I check Windows reboot history?

Using Event Logs to Extract Startup and Shutdown Times

  1. Open Event Viewer (press Win + R and type eventvwr ).
  2. In the left pane, open “Windows Logs -> System.”
  3. In the middle pane, you will get a list of events that occurred while Windows was running.
  4. If your event log is huge, then the sorting will not work.

How do I find out why my computer crashed?

You can follow the steps below to check Windows crash logs Windows 10 with Event Viewer.

  1. Type Event Viewer in the Windows 10 Cortana search box.
  2. Here is the main interface of Event Viewer.
  3. Then choose System under Windows Logs.
  4. Find and click Error on the event list.
  5. Click on Create a Custom View on the right window.

Does Windows keep a shutdown log?

It keeps track of every activity that takes place on your PC. During every event, the Event Viewer logs entries. It also logs the start and stop times of the event log service (Windows), giving correct date, time, and user details of every shutdown process.

Where to find restart info using Windows Event logs?

One overlooked spot for restart information is the Windows Event Logs. Microsoft writes a wealth of information to the system event log about different events related to shut-down and restart operations.

Where to find windows shutdown / reboot event IDs?

The shutdown/reboot logs in Windows can also be retrieved from the command-line using the PowerShell’s Get-EventLog command. For example, to filter the 10000 most recent entries in the System Event Log and display only events related to the Windows shutdowns, run:

How to find out who or when did the Windows server reboot?

Who Rebooted the server To find out who restarted windows server Login to Windows Server. Launch the Event Viewer (type eventvwr in run). In the event viewer console expand Windows Logs. Click System and in the right pane click Filter Current Log. Server Reboot Event In the Filter Current log box, type 1074 as the event ID.

How to get the Windows Shutdown event log?

Today I will use Get-EventLog because I am only working with a classic event log, and I am only working on my local computer. Since Windows XP and Windows 2003, Windows has had the Shutdown Event Tracker, which will track what is going on with shutdowns. It writes to the System event log and the source is User32.

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