Does Amman have good nightlife?

Amman is a popular nightlife hotspot and has the best nightlife destinations in Jordan where you can enjoy electrifying music & great lineup of DJs, the premier clubbing place.

Where can I take my girlfriend in Amman?

The Citadel. 4,304. Historic Sites • Ancient Ruins.

  • Roman Amphitheater. 3,171. Historic Sites • Ancient Ruins.
  • Rainbow Street. 1,343. Points of Interest & Landmarks.
  • The Boulevard JO. 109.
  • National Archaeological Museum. 328.
  • Lilas Tours. Historic Sites • Ancient Ruins.
  • Jordan Select Tours. 1,642.
  • Jordan Private Tours and Travel. 1,414.
  • Is alcohol available in Jordan?

    Alcohol. Even though Jordan is largely a Muslim country, drinking alcohol is not a social taboo; it is readily available in restaurants and hotels. There are also bars in tourist areas and some of the major cities particularly those with a significant Christian community.

    How do I meet people in Amman?

    5 more ways to get active in Amman

    1. Nomad Rugby Club. Possibly the only Independant Rugby club in town gathering youth to play the sport, meet new people and enjoy competing with other clubs!
    2. Pro Hikers Jordan.
    3. Royal Jordanian Gliding Club.
    4. Bisharat Golf Club.
    5. The 7iber Photography Meetups.

    Is there nightlife in Jordan?

    Amman has some of the best night clubs in Jordan. Of these, the Cube Lounge is the most popular. Thanks to its electrifying music & great lineup of DJs, the premier clubbing place on Zaid Bin Al Haritha Street in Amman is always buzzing with people.

    What is there to do in Amman at night?

    Top 10 Night Spots in Amman

    • Murphy’s Garden.
    • The Good Pub.
    • Pyro.
    • Dunia Rooftop.
    • Ghoroob Rooftop Lounge.
    • Library Lounge & Cigar Bar – Marriott Hotel Amman. Credit:
    • Oz Boutique Restaurant. The wizard of Oz!
    • The Sanctuary – Sheraton Hotel. The Sanctuary is the Terrace located at the Al-Nabil Sheraton Hotel Amman.

    Is there tinder in Jordan?

    Guess there is no Tinder in Jordan. Use google. Several FB pages.

    Does Jordan have night clubs?

    Can you hug in Jordan?

    You might be surprised to see male locals greeting each other with hugs and kisses on the cheeks – the same goes for females, as this is a socially acceptable method of greeting. On the other hand, it is frowned on for couples to show affection in public, from holding hands to kissing.

    What Meetup means?

    A meetup is an organized gathering of people, especially a regular meeting of people who share a common interest or hobby. Meet up (without the hyphen) is a phrasal verb meaning to meet, as in Let’s meet up at the restaurant.

    How many days do you need in Amman?

    Jordan offers a lot for visitors, but with three days in and around Amman, you’ll have just enough time to hit the city’s major sites and get out and about to important attractions such as Petra and the Dead Sea—you just have to be strategic about it.

    What to do in Amman Jordan on Friday?

    This is considered the heart of Amman and really a place you must explore. It’s just below the Citadel and is the old downtown- so old it’s from the Neolithic period! There are a lot of shops around here, but in Jordan most shops are closed on Fridays.

    Where is Rainbow Street in Amman, Jordan?

    Perched atop Jebel Amman and opposite the neighbourhood of Lweibdeh, Rainbow Street is in close proximity to some of the city’s must-see sites, such as the ancient ruins at Al Qala’a (Citadel Hill) and the Roman Theatre as well as the art galleries of Lweibdeh and the colourful old city centre at Al Balad.

    When to go to Rainbow Street in Jordan?

    Choose a sorbet, gelato or fruit yoghurt pop to dunk in your choice of dips, sprinkles, nuts or cereal toppings. If you’re in Amman during Jordan’s summer months (June through September), be sure to visit Rainbow Street on a Friday.

    Where to get the best coffee in Amman?

    For a soothing herbal drink or a Turkish coffee prepared using a traditional technique involving a cezve (small, long-handled pot) and hot sand, take a walk to Ayman Coffee Shop near Second Circle.

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