5 best business intelligence course for digital success

Here you will know about the best courses on Business Intelligence and Big Data so that you can use it to your advantage in many work areas.

Currently, Business Intelligence is one of the best sets of strategies that you can use in your work. Knowing how to use it in your favor will open up endless possibilities. The term business intelligence is precisely because it will help you work more intelligently and effectively. Surely, if you follow social networks to accounts related to the business world and work, have you ever seen the phrase “work smart, not hard”. That’s what Big Data or Business Intelligence consists of: working in the most optimal way.

To learn about this topic, one of the best options you have is to take a course to learn how to handle it in depth. A course is always enriching, even if it is not a course of your specialty. The best thing about the courses is that they offer you the possibility of absorbing great knowledge in a very short time. In addition, this knowledge can be 100% applicable to practice. In short, with the course of a few hours, you can defend yourself well in any subject.

5 best online courses on Business

Intelligence are presented below:

SQL: MySQL for Data Analytics and Business Intelligence:

This course is especially focused on the use of SQL and databases for marketing and Business Analysis. One of its great points in favor is that it is very up to date, unlike others. It has a duration of 9.5 hours of video, which makes it the most extensive course on this list. It’s in English, so the language should not be a problem. In people’s opinion, it is the most complete course on this list, and with which you will probably learn the most from SQL. But if what you are interested in are some more basic notions, other courses on this list may interest you.

Start with SQL and MySQL:

Manage your data with SQL

This course is ideal if you are looking to start completely from scratch in the world of SQL. Also, if you are looking for some basic notions that allow you to defend yourself when working with Business Intelligence, this course can be of great help. It is extremely fast to perform since it only has an hour and a half of video. It will allow you to learn through examples of specific cases to consult in SQL and download a MySQL database.

Power BI: The Ultimate Orientation

Power BI: The Ultimate Orientation does not require any prior knowledge about Business Intelligence. This is a good option if you have little time to train a bit in SQL. It has good information, but in people’s opinion, it is a bit short. With only one hour of video and three articles, you will have some quick notions if you need to get up to date with Business Intelligence as soon as possible and do not have time. It is in English with English subtitles.

SQL from scratch: Practical course without technical prerequisites:

This course is specially directed for all those people who have not had contact with SQL or Business Intelligence before. If the technical aspects are the ones that cost you the most when it comes to acquiring new technological knowledge, this course is ideal for you. One important thing to keep in mind is that this course will not teach you how to manage databases, but to use them and extract the information that interests you from them.

Introduction to Business Intelligence and Data Mining:

You do not need previous knowledge about Business Intelligence to get the most out of this course of only 2 hours. As its name suggests, it is an introduction. That is, it will give you a theoretical basis on which, later, you can add practical knowledge through other courses. You will learn what exactly Business Intelligence is, and what is its application. In addition, you will discover what you have in common with Data Mining. It is a course for beginners who do not have any prior knowledge of Business Intelligence.

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