Will an automatic ECU work on a manual?

Registered. You can use an automatic ECU in a manual, NOT the other way around (won’t communicate properly with the trans ECU and won’t shift into 4th gear – ask me how I know).

How to tell if ECU is auto or manual?

Automatic ECUs have a 5 in the second to last digit of the part number. e.g. P28-A52 is auto, P28-A02 is manual. So it is manual.

What is a p08 ECU?

Originally Posted by zeeman. yes a p08 is a vtec ecu, its the ecu for the jdm d15b. It should rev to 7200rpms. The code on the ecu will tell you if its auto or manual and you can also open up the ecu and check for the arrangement of resistors to see if its auto or manual.

Does the ECU control the transmission?

A part of the Electronic Control Unit (ECU), the Transmission Control Unit covers everything related to the transmission of a vehicle. It ensures smooth gear shifts and optimal fuel economy and performance. Below we will discuss how does it work and major input and output sensors it uses.

Do you need a new ECU for manual swap?

You don’t need a different ECU from an auto to a manual swap. But you will get a CEL light whether you go standalone or keep the OE auto ecu. If you do decide to go standalone, there isn’t anything else needed.

How do I know if I have a P28 ECU?

Model (P28/P72/etc) Take a look at the side of your ECU, you’ll see 37820-PXX-XXX. The numbers following the P, like P28 or P30 are very important. Here are some things to note about the most common variants: P05 – Civic CX – Most basic supported ECU.

What does a P28 ECU do?

a p28 is a Honda obd1 ECU, then it is “chipped” by a company or tuner, allowing you to tune and add features to your honda ecu.

What does a p28 ECU do?

Is P08 a VTEC?

P08 is the head off a JDM D15B sohc vtec motor.

Can a bad ECU cause transmission problems?

A damaged ECU can cause problems when shifting gears in an automatic transmission, or cause sudden jerking or stopping that’s similar to transmission problems.

Is a P06 ECU VTEC?

For the ECUs like the P05 and P06 that did not require VTEC, the components that are used for VTEC functionality were simply not installed. You can convert the following ECUs to VTEC: P05. P06.

What kind of ECU does a Hondata S300 have?

This Hondata S300 package Includes: Complete (new) Honadata v3 S300 unit, with software, & a VTEC obd1 ECU (p06 converted to p28 VTEC spec with Hondata Unit Preinstalled). FREE Standard Shipping. Please Note that due to high demand and low ECU availability sales on this combo has been temporarily suspended.

What does the code Pr3 mean on Honda ECU?

This code is often associated with the engine or car. for example, a PR3 ECU often has an engine with a PR3 headstamp. The Last 3 characters denote the ECU Revision type and each character is a different indicator. The first character indicates market the ECU is intended to support.

What is the ECU number on a Honda Civic?

1989-1991 Honda Civic/CRX SiR (or auto from 90-91 Integra (Xsi) Honda ECU part numbers are a series of 3 alphanumeric sections. The first block is the Honda part number denoting it is an ECU. This is almost always 37820.

Can a manual transmission be installed into an automatic car?

In order to install a manual transmission into a car that currently has an automatic, you’ll also need a new clutch, flywheel, shift assembly, and pedal assembly. Unfortunately, even the brake pedal of your existing pedal assembly isn’t compatible and will need to be replaced.

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