Which English monarch had the longest reign?

Elizabeth II
Since 1952, Elizabeth II has been the Queen of Britain and the Commonwealth, making her the longest serving British monarch in history. She will be most likely be succeeded by her son Charles, Prince of Wales.

Who are the top 10 longest reigning monarchs?

From K’inich Janaab Pakal to Basil II to Elizabeth II, these are some of the longest-reigning monarchs in history.

  • Honoré III.
  • Louis XV.
  • Pedro II.
  • Ludovico I.
  • Nicholas I. Length of Reign: 58 Years.
  • Honoré I. Length of Reign: 58 Years.
  • Wilhelmina I. Length of Reign: 57 Years.
  • James VI (and I) Length of Reign: 57 Years.

Which Monarchs reign was the longest?

Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom
Ten longest-reigning British monarchs

Rank Monarch Duration
Years, days
1 Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom 69 years, 183 days
2 Victoria of the United Kingdom 63 years, 216 days
3 George III of the United Kingdom 59 years, 96 days

How long did each English monarch reign?

Length of each king or queen of the United Kingdom’s reign from 1702 to 2021 (in years)

Characteristic Years
Elizabeth II (since 1952)** 69.42
George VI (1936-1952) 15.16
Edward VIII (1936) 0.89
George V (1910-1936) 25.71

Has any monarch lived to 100?

The longest-living member of the British royal family has been Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester (1901–2004), who lived 102 years and 309 days. She is the longest-living British monarch and, since September 2015, the longest ever reigning British monarch.

Who ruled the longest?

Monarchs of sovereign states with verifiable reigns by exact date

No. Name Reign
1 Louis XIV 14 May 1643
2 Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX) 9 June 1946
3 Johann II 12 November 1858

Who was the youngest king of England?

Henry VI
The youngest king was Henry VI, who was 8 months and 26 days old at the time of his accession. The youngest queen consort was Isabella of Valois, second wife of Richard II, aged 6 years 11 months and 25 days when she became queen in 1396.

Who was the longest ruling English monarch?

On 9 September 2015, Queen Elizabeth II became the longest-reigning English monarch in history, breaking Queen Victoria’s record.

Who was the longest serving monarch in history?

Who are History’s Longest Reigning Monarchs Sobhuza II: 82 Years, 254 days (Swaziland) Louis XIV: 72 Years, 110 days (France) Bhumibol Adulyadej: 70 Years, 126 days (Thailand) Johann II: 70 years, 91 days (Liechtenstein) Franz Joseph I: 67 years, 355 days (Austrian Empire) Elizabeth II: 67 years and counting (United Kingdom of Great Britain and other Commonwealth realms and territories)

Who was the oldest monarch in World History?

Born on April 26, 1926, Elizabeth Windsor is the oldest monarch in history, at the age of 91 years old. She took the crown on June 2, 1953, when she was only 27 years old, because of her father, who was previously the King, passed away due to cancer.

What is the Order of British monarchy?

British royal family. The King or Queen of the United Kingdom, as the Sovereign, is always first in the order of precedence. A King is followed by his Queen consort, the first in the order of precedence for women. The reverse, however, is not always true for Queens regnant .

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