Which area code is 01584?

💡 01584 is the area code for Ludlow and the surrounding area.

Do you need to dial 011 for Germany?

To call Germany from the U.S., just follow these simple dialing directions: First dial 011, the U.S. exit code. Next dial 49, the country code for Germany, then the area code (2–5 digits)

How do I dial a German number in Germany?

How to dial German phone numbers

  1. Dial the whole number. For example, +49 152 901820 or 0049 152 901820. You must put a + or a 00 in front of the number.
  2. Dial the regional number. For example, 030 901820. You must put a 0 in front of the number.
  3. Dial the local number. For example, 901820.

How do I dial Germany from the UK?

To call Germany from United Kingdom, dial: 00 – 49 – Area Code – Land Phone Number 00 – 49 – 11 Digit Mobile Number

  1. 00 – Exit code for United Kingdom, and is needed for making any international call from United Kingdom.
  2. 49 – ISD Code or Country Code of Germany.
  3. Area code – There are 5197 area codes in Germany.

What area code is 01548?

💡 01548 is the area code for Kingsbridge and the surrounding area.

What do German mobile numbers start with?

German mobile numbers begin with a four-digit prefix, such as 0151, 0157, 0170, 0178. Mobile (cell) phones are called ‘Handys’ and work on GSM 900/1800. If your home country uses a different standard, you’ll need a multiband GSM phone while in Germany.

What is the Dialling code for Germany?

Germany/Dialing codes

How do I dial out to Germany?

  1. Dial the exit code – 011.
  2. Dial the country code for Germany – 49.
  3. Then dial the area code (2-5 digits). See below for the list of area codes in Germany.
  4. Lastly, dial the phone number (3-9 digits)

What area code is 01543?

💡 01543 is the area code for Cannock and the surrounding area.

What area code is 548 in Canada?

southwestern Ontario
New area code 548 for southwestern Ontario.

Where does the 01584 area code come from?

The 01584 area code covers Ludlow and the surrounding area. Please note that an 01584 number does not necessarily come from one of these locations, although the majority do. People or businesses based outside of this geographical location may still register 01584 numbers. This is often done to give the impression of having a local presence.

What is the International area code for Germany?

011 – international access code; dial first when calling abroad from the US or Canada. 49 – Country Code for Germany. Phone Number ( remove initial 0 ): fixed – 5 to 12 digits, including area code. cell phones – 10 or 11 digits.

Where is the dialling code 01584 in Ludlow?

The Ludlow 01584 dialling code is situated in the county of Shropshire in the West Midlands Region of the UK. When do I need to use the 01584 Ludlow dialling code? You will need to use a dialling code if you are calling from a mobile phone or a landline outside of the 01584 Ludlow dialling code area.

How many digits are in a postal code in Germany?

The green lines mark state borders which do not correspond with postal code areas. Postal codes in Germany, Postleitzahl (plural Postleitzahlen, abbreviated to PLZ; literally “postal routing number”), since 1 July 1993 consist of five digits.

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