What is the Standish Group Chaos Report?

Based on this research, The Standish Group estimates that in 1995 American companies and government agencies will spend $81 billion for canceled software projects. These same organizations will pay an additional $59 billion for software projects that will be completed, but will exceed their original time estimates.

What are chaos reports?

The CHAOS Report is a study based on The [[Standish Group]]’s CHAOS Research Project on IT project success rates and project management best practices. Successful projects are defined as meeting all the requirements of the project management [[iron triangle]]; on time, on budget and on scope.

What percentage of agile projects fail?

So it seems the failure rate is somewhere between 34% and 95%. I decided to dig even deeper and looked into the Chaos Report data from Jim Johnson, CEO of the Standish Group.

Why does a project fail?

A project becomes a failure when it does not deliver what was required within the agreed-upon budget and time. However, in most cases, the stakeholders decide if the project was a success or a failure based on their judgment and satisfactión with the outcome.

What does chaos stand for?


Acronym Definition
CHAOS Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome (FlyLady.net)
CHAOS Chief Has Arrived on Scene (USCG adaptation to Army usage) 🙂
CHAOS Canadian High Acceptance Orbit Spectrometer
CHAOS Circular High Acceptance (Magnetic) Orbit Spectrometer

What is the Standish Group?

Standish Group. Jump to navigation Jump to search. The Standish Group International, Inc. or Standish Group is an independent international IT research advisory firm founded in 1985, known from their reports about information systems implementation projects in the public and private sector.

What causes project failure?

The causes of the failure of a project are multiple and can occur throughout the project, starting with the definition of the project and its launch through delivery, through all stages. Failure can also be caused by an incompetent project manager or an inexperienced team, inadequate environment, obsolete equipment, poor timing, etc.

Why do software projects fail?

[Solution] Why Software Projects Fail Insufficient time to complete the project. It’s not uncommon for companies to set unrealistic and arbitrary deadlines… Inadequate planning. In 2016, Innotas found that 55 percent of IT professionals surveyed indicated they’d had a project… Unclear project requirements. Project… See More….

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