What is radiology used for?

Radiology is a branch of medicine that uses imaging technology to diagnose and treat disease. Radiology may be divided into two different areas, diagnostic radiology and interventional radiology. Doctors who specialize in radiology are called radiologists.

How many years is it to become a radiologist?

All told, a radiologist completes about 13 years of training after high school. In addition to this training, there are two exams to successfully take to become certified by the American Board of Radiology. Some subspecialties of radiology must be chosen during the residency period.

Is Radiopaedia free?

Radiopaedia offers a range of online courses targeted at a broad range of learners. We strive to provide high quality, globally affordable and accessible online radiology learning. Access is free in 125 low and middle-income countries and for our All-Access Pass holders.

Is a radiologist a real doctor?

Radiologists are medical doctors (MDs) or doctors of osteopathic medicine (DOs) who have completed a 4-year residency in radiology. A radiologist may act as a consultant to another doctor who is caring for the patient, or act as the patient’s primary doctor in treating a disease.

What is the most common form of medical imaging?

X-rays (radiographs) are the most common and widely available diagnostic imaging technique. Even if you also need more sophisticated tests, you will probably get an x-ray first.

What age you have to be before you can use a radiography machine?

Young individuals are considered to be at a greater risk of radiation injury because of their more rapidly reproducing cells. Thus, all individuals under the age of 18 shall be excluded from performing or assisting in the performance of radiographic examinations.

Is CT scan a radiograph?

The CT scan is a more sophisticated and powerful X-ray that takes a 360-degree image of internal organs, the spine and vertebrae. Contrast dyes are often injected into the blood to make structures within the body more visible on the CT scan.

Is Radiopaedia credible?

Radiopaedia is a huge source for articles and cases related to radiology. The best resource should be the best suited to your needs or a combination of various resources considering your needs for accuracy and for medical images.

Who is the owner of radiopaedia.com?

Radiopaedia is a wiki-based international collaborative radiology educational web resource containing reference articles, radiology images, and patient cases. It is a business owned by Investling, gaining revenue from ads and paid subscription. It also contains a radiology encyclopedia.

What do you need to know about radiopaedia.org?

What is Radiopaedia.org? Radiopaedia is a rapidly growing open-edit educational radiology resource which has been primarily compiled by radiologists and radiology trainees from across the world. Our mission is to create the best radiology reference, and to make it available for free, forever. Find out more.

Which is the largest freely available radiology Encyclopedia?

It is a business owned by Investling, gaining revenue from ads and paid subscription. It also contains a radiology encyclopedia. It is currently the largest freely available radiology related resource in the world with more than 35,000 patient cases and over 13,000 collaborative articles on radiology-related topics.

When did the first Radiopaedia app come out?

iPhone, iPad and iOS apps. In 2009, the first Radiopaedia iPhone app was released. These teaching files package cases and articles for users to review and have sample questions and answers.

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