What is Peter Mukerjea doing now?

Incarcerated for over four years for his alleged involvement in the high-profile murder of Indrani’s 25-year-old daughter over a possible property dispute, Mukerjea is now looking at life with new meaning and better purpose—writing books.

Who is the husband of Indrani Mukherjee?

Peter Mukerjeam. 2002–2017
Sanjeev Khannam. 1993–2002
Indrani Mukerjea/Husband

Why was Peter Mukerjea jailed?

In November 2015 Peter was arrested by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) for his alleged role in the murder conspiracy. He was kept in CBI custody for two weeks during which period he subjected to a polygraph test with his consent and in the presence of his lawyer.

Is Peter Mukerjea out of jail?

After four years in Arthur Road Jail in Maharashtra’s Mumbai, former media mogul Peter Mukerjea walked out of jail on Friday. Peter Mukerjea is facing a trial in the Sheena Bora murder case along with his ex-wife Indrani Mukerjea and her ex-husband Sanjeev Khanna. He was released from the jail at around 8.45 pm.

Why did mukerjea divorce Indrani?

The couple, who currently stand trial for the murder of Ms. Mukerjea’s daughter Sheena Bora, had filed for divorce in September 2018. The two were granted divorce after their lawyers submitted compliance of the consent terms, which was accepted by the court.

How old is Indrani Mukherjee?

About 49 years (1972)
Indrani Mukerjea/Age

Is Indrani Mukerjea Bengali?

Mukherjee was born in Allahabad, United Provinces, into a Bengali Brahmin family. Her father, Dr. Jitendra Mukherjee, was a doctor of medicine who practised in Allahabad. Her mother, Kamini Devi Mukherjee, was a devoted home-maker.

Who is wife of Star TV CEO Peter Mukerjea?

Just over three years after Mumbai resident Sheena Bora went missing, the police today arrested her sister Indrani Mukerjea for murder. Indrani is wife of ex-CEO of Star TV Peter Mukerjea and the couple founded INX network. A team of police officers visited her Worli residence and took Indrani into custody.

Who is Indrani Mukherjee and who is Peter Mukerjea?

Not to be confused with Indrani Mukherjee. Indrani Mukerjea is a former HR consultant and media executive. She was the wife of Peter Mukerjea, a retired Indian television executive. In 2007 she co-founded INX Media with her ex-husband, where she took on the role of CEO.

When did Peter Mukerjea become CEO of INX Media?

Peter Mukerjea, bound by a non-compete clause from his previous employer, became chairman of the human resources company INX Services Private Limited in January 2007. In August 2007, Peter joined INX Media as chairman and chief strategy officer. In November 2007 Indrani became the CEO of INX Media.

When did Peter Mukerjea resign from Star India?

Peter resigned from STAR India in January 2007. His resignation included a non-compete clause which restricted him from joining a competing broadcast service for 6 months. He, therefore, took the charge of chairman of Indrani’s HR company, INX Services Pvt. Ltd.

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