What is market access in EU law?

Single market is the most central principle of the European Union (EU) and market access was one of the tools used to achieve it. A single market in which all member states have easy access and can trade without any restriction. A single market where there is no discrimination between imported and domestic goods.

What is international market access?

In international trade, market access is a company’s ability to enter a foreign market by selling its goods and services in another country. Expanding market access is therefore often a more achievable goal of trade negotiations than achieving free trade.

What is the European strategy?

The European Strategy for Particle Physics is the cornerstone of Europe’s decision-making process for the long-term future of the field.

What is the Keck test?

The Keck decision states essentially that if provisions regarding selling arrangements “affect in the same manner, in law or in fact, the marketing of domestic products and those of other Member States”21, then these should not be caught by Article 34.

Why does the EU have a market access strategy?

The Market Access Strategy is part of the EU’s efforts to create the best possible conditions for European firms to export around the world and to make sure international trade rules are enforced. This is a modal window. Something went wrong during native playback.

Do you have an effective market access planning process in?

The success of a pharma brand’s launch largely depends on its successful market access (MA) strategy. The market access strategy and plan must therefore be fully integrated with the product strategy and plan. To achieve that, those responsible for optimising market access must:

When does the European Commission market access report come out?

Trade and investment barriers. Published in June 2019, the Trade and Investment Barriers Report (2018) (other languages) and foreword (other languages) analyses trade and investment barriers reported by businesses and Member States to the Commission through the Market Access Partnership. The main findings of this report were that:

How to get market access in the United States?

U.S. Market Access For the best experience, we recommend downloading this interactive PDF and viewing with the latest version of Adobe Reader, a free program available at http://get.adobe.com/reader HOME CONTENTS TRENDS IMPLICATIONS BACK NEXT INTRODUCTION The U.S. healthcare market is in a state of continuous flux and uncertainty.

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