Should amp RMS be higher than speakers?

It’s OK to use an amp that’s rated at the same RMS as the speakers (which is sometimes useless since no two companies use the same methds), but it’s actually safer to get one slightly higher. As long as you don’t put a 150 watt RMS amp on a 50 watt RMS speaker. :shrug: You don’t want to do that.

Do I need an amp for 6×9 speakers?

Re: Do I need an amp to run 6×9’s (tbu7203gtivr6) You don’t need an amp – the deck is 52×4, so you could just about any 6x9s in your rado with no problem. Note that you may actually need to upgrade your fronts or door speakers or risk blowing them by drving the 6x9s as hard as they’ll go.

Does amp RMS have to match speaker RMS?

Do not match the speaker’s RMS power rating to an amplifier’s Max/Peak power output. For example: If your speakers are rated to handle 50 Watts RMS each, and you select an amplifier that will deliver 125 watts RMS per speaker, you will likely apply too much power for the speaker to handle.

How do you match speaker RMS to amp RMS?

For your speakers, use an amplifier whose top RMS output per channel is no higher than each speaker’s top RMS rating. For your amplifier, get speakers with top RMS ratings that are equal to or higher than each amp channel’s top RMS output.

What should the RMS be for a subwoofer?

We recommend powering your speakers or subwoofer with 80%-120% of its recommended RMS rating. The RMS power handling specification is typically rated per speaker unless otherwise noted. Peak power handling refers to the amount of power a speaker can handle during a brief musical burst.

What’s the power range of a 6×9 speaker?

Power range on these speakers is 6w to 90w RMS and 360w peak, while frequency range is rated at 30-20,000 Hz and sensitivity is 92 dB. These 4-ohm impedance speakers have a top-mount depth of 3-1/4″ and are ideal for low-powered factory head units.

Which is the best 6×9 car stereo speaker?

Kicker D-Series 6×9 3-Way Coaxial Speakers One of the most popular brands in the car audio industry, Kicker’s D-Series 6×9 speakers are also a great option. Featuring a 3-way design, these coaxial speakers sport a polypropylene woofer with ribbed polyester foam surround, along with 1/2″ PEI domed tweeter and supertweeter.

Can a 200 watt speaker have low SPL?

the answer is simply “no”. A 200 watt RMS power rating is how much power a speaker can handle, not how much it requires. Even a 200 watt speaker can sound great with only 30% (60 watts) power applied. However, you’ll have low SPL (sound pressure level) or “loudness” with this little power. Was this answer helpful?

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