Jaw-Dropping Features of the Costliest Mansion in Dubai

Luxurious homes are the desire of everyone having good budget. Ultra-luxurious homes are loved by everyone, not affordable for everyone though. People who can afford lavish lifestyle don’t hesitate from investing in big houses made of premium quality material and designed by world class designers. These homes are especially designed for ultra-rich clients who simply can’t compromise over less than the perfect. Dubai is popular for manufacturing such mansions and among the details of the mansion we are going to share today is one of them.

This mansion costs Dh58 million and it’s due to the outstanding features and facilities it offers to the resident. The luxurious home is designed in a very beautiful manner. Every part of the villa reflects perfection at its best and shows the high aesthetic taste of the buyer. It’s designed and planned by experts who know the latest requirements and trends of the market and offers something unique to customers they are looking for in their new homes.

Jaw-Dropping Features of the Costliest Mansion in Dubai

It’s the most expensive villa as per the rating of Property Finder Top Villa list and has grabbed the attention of many buyers who want to invest their savings in a lucrative property. The villa has its own cinema where more than 50 people can watch movie without realizing that they don’t present in cinema in actual. Underground parking is not a space efficient way, but also makes it possible to park multiple vehicles at a time. The home is not only best for the residents, but also provides awe-inspiring features and facilities to guests as you can easily arrange parties in the villa and enjoy movie together. Moreover, there is enough space for parking in the mansion.

The stunning villa is situated in Emirates Hills and covers an area of 25, 000- square feet. Apart from the jaw-dropping features it offers, the community is also no second to none in all aspects. It’s situated in a gated community where there is no issue regarding security and robbery. Security cameras are installed everywhere to ensure highest safety level while security guards never allow any unknown person enter into the community. The entire neighborhood is worth seeing which that explains as of why the villa is the most expensive property.

Jaw-Dropping Features of the Costliest Mansion in Dubai

Renaissance-style marble is used in the construction of the kitchens, washroom, and the basement which looks extremely beautiful and stuns every eye from its mesmerizing beauty. Comfort is a must feature you find inside the villa no matter you are sitting in the living room or relaxing in the spa room. The ground of the property is another worth-seeing feature that gives a lake style view. A full size swimming pool is also present there which offers ideal environment for pool parties. Six-bedrooms are the part of the villa and all of them are designed in a unique way.

In short, the villa a masterpiece and designed in a special way for those who love lavish lifestyle and want to live in an amazing home full of all living amenities.


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