Is sulfuric acid an EHS?

Because sulfuric acid is classified by USEPA as an “extremely hazardous substance” (EHS), it has a low reporting threshold of only 500 lbs. Since lead is an OSHA hazardous chemical, it has a reporting threshold of 10,000 lbs. Sulfuric acid (lbs) = gallons of electrolyte x density of electrolyte x % sulfuric acid.

What is a Tier II report?

What is Tier II Reporting? Tier II reports are forms that organizations and businesses in the United States with hazardous chemicals above certain quantities, are required to fill out by the EPA.

What is a Tier 2 intervention?

Tier 2 interventions are the additional programs and strategies provided to students who require supports in addition to universal supports. The purpose of tier 2 interventions is to reduce the risk of academic or behavior problems.

What does Tier II stand for?

Emergency and Hazardous Chemical Inventory Forms
Known officially as Emergency and Hazardous Chemical Inventory Forms, Tier II Reports are submitted annually to local fire departments, Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPC) and State Emergency Response Commissions (SERCs) to help those agencies plan for and respond to chemical emergencies.

What percentage of Sulphuric acid is used in Pb acid battery?

35 percent
A variety of individual cells containing layers of lead alloy plates immersed in an electrolyte solution was built with lead acid batteries, usually made of 35 percent sulphuric acid (H2SO4) and 65 percent water….Thank you.

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How many pounds of sulfuric acid is in a car battery?

Weight of Sulfuric Acid in batteries = 11,500 pounds x 22% = 2,530 pounds.

What is the EHS threshold for sulfuric acid?

The sulfuric acid is a listed EHS with a reporting threshold of 500 pounds, and the lead is a non-EHS hazardous chemical with a reporting threshold of 10,000 pounds. Typically, the Tier II reporting of such batteries is done by listing the batteries as a mixture rather than by their hazardous chemical components.

When to file sulfuric acid Tier II report?

The average daily amount present at the facility; Number of days the chemical was present onsite per calendar year; and The container type and storage conditions. You must file a complete Tier II report no later than March 1. The due date is firm and extensions are not granted.

When to report a Tier 2 hazardous substance?

Facilities are required to report Tier II substances and Extremely Hazardous Substances (EHS) that are equal to or greater than the defin ed Tier II reporting thresholds. These substances must maintain an SDS under OSHA’s hazard communication standard. Who Should File a Tier II Report?

How often should sulfuric acid be reported to SERC?

Chemicals classified as an extremely hazardous substance or a hazardous chemical must be reported to the designated state agency (SERC) every year if the total amount used or stored at the facility at any point in time exceeds the reporting threshold. The reporting threshold for sulfuric acid, an extremely hazardous substance, is 500 lb.

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