Is George Gregan married?

Erica Gregan
George Gregan/Spouse

How old is George Gregan?

48 years (April 19, 1973)
George Gregan/Age

How tall is George Gregan?

5′ 8″
George Gregan/Height

How much does Michael Hooper make?

Hooper signed a five-year deal with Rugby Australia in 2018 worth a reported $6 million. On an estimated $1.2 million a year, Hooper will lose about two-thirds of his salary in the six months which translates to around $15,000 a week. But he’ll still earn an equivalent annual salary of around $400,000.

How tall is George Gregan in feet?

Where is George Gregan now?

George Musarurwa Gregan AM (born 19 April 1973) is a retired Australian rugby union player, and is currently Australia’s highest ever internationally capped player. Gregan was born in Lusaka, Zambia….George Gregan.

University University of Canberra
Children Max, Charlie and Jazz
Rugby union career

Which retired Wallabies captain has represented Australia more times than any other?

Michael Lynagh played 72 Tests for Australia, 15 as captain, in a 12-year international career. When he retired after the 1995 Rugby World Cup he did so as the highest points scorer of all-time (911).

Where is George Gregan from?

Lusaka, Zambia
George Gregan/Place of birth
George Musarurwa Gregan (born 19 April 1973 in Lusaka, Zambia) made more appearances for his national team, the Wallabies, than any other player in the sport’s history.

How much does a rugby referee get paid?

In terms of lifestyle, at the top end referees live comfortably. Super Rugby whistlers are full-time, receiving six-figure salaries and a car. With test match payments factored in pay packets can edge towards $200,000 in some cases; a far cry from the $100 match fees when Super Rugby went professional in 1996.

When did George Gregan and his wife split?

Retired Wallabies captain George Gregan and his long-time wife and business partner Erica have reportedly called it quits after 22 years of marriage. According to The Sunday Telegraph the couple split before Christmas, with the former Australian rugby union star also having moved out of their Beauty Point, Mosman home.

Who is former Wallabies player George Gregans wife?

Former Wallabies player George Gregans’ hospitality group GG Leasing has been placed in administration after it was launched in 1998 with his wife, Erica. George Gregan and wife Erica at The George Bar.

What are the names of George Gregan’s children?

Gregan and his wife Erica have three children, Max, Charlie and Jazz. Max was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2004; after spending time with Max in hospital and ” [experiencing] firsthand the needs of many sick children and their parents” they set up the George Gregan Foundation in 2005.

Who is the Managing Director of the Gregan Group?

George is now actively involved in the café and catering business – The Gregan Group, established in 1997 by his wife, Erica Gregan, who is the Managing Director of the business. Currently there are 24 outlets including cafes, small wine bars and bistros.

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