Is drow ranger a hard carry?

Drow Ranger is a ranged Agility hero who is generally played as a hard-carry or semi-carry. In the current state of the game, Drow Ranger is most often played as a carry in the easy lane (also known as the safe lane) and less often in the mid lane.

How do you stop drow ranger Dota 2?


  1. Blink Dagger allows for heroes to close the gap on Drow Ranger and cancel her Marksmanship.
  2. Blade Mail punishes Drow Ranger’s high attack damage and attack speed by returning her damage.
  3. Black King Bar prevents silence from Gust.
  4. Heaven’s Halberd disarms Drow Ranger, shutting off her only damage source.

Where can I find a drow ranger guide?

Find constantly updated Drow Ranger guides from the top performances of the week. Each guide includes item builds, ability builds, timings and more. Get Plus Get Featured Hero Guides are based on TrueSight data from matches with a verified player or Plus subscriber.

Who is the drow ranger in Dota 2?

Traxex, the Drow Ranger, is a ranged agility hero whose greatest assets are her incredible damage and ability to keep threats at bay. Traxex is a carry who, though lacking survivability, provides a worthwhile contribution through her damage alone.

What does Riki do in Dota 2 hero guide?

Now free of his royal responsibilities, Riki uses his talents in service to a new trade: stealth assassin. He silences his enemies, sharpening his skills, hoping to one day take revenge on those who killed his family and robbed him of his birthright.

Which is the best drow in Dota 2?

This is the guide for my style of play for my favorite character since Warcraft 3 dota 1 the Drow Ranger and I thought I could share my play style, and hopefully get some sweet feedback to get my own gameplay a lot better. Drow is arguably one of the best hard carries in the game.

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