Is Bluestone 42 coming back?

Bluestone 42 will not return for a fourth series, it has been revealed. James Cary and Richard Hurst, the writer-creators of the hit BBC Three sitcom, today confirmed that the series will not return for a fourth run.

How many seasons of Bluestone 42?

BBC Three sitcom about the military. 21 episodes (3 series), 2013 – 2015. Stars Laura Aikman, Matthew Lewis, Stephen Wight, Tony Gardner and others.

What happened to simon Bluestone 42?

With Nick out of Afghanistan, new ATO Captain Ellen Best takes charge of Bluestone 42. After mistaking an attempt by Mac and Rocket to show him respect by awarding him a medal of their own design as mockery, Simon goes AWOL on the final day of the tour and is left in Afghanistan.

Does Amazon Prime have Bluestone 42?

Watch Bluestone 42 – Season 1 | Prime Video.

Who was Tony in Soldier Soldier?

Gary Joseph Love
Gary Joseph Love (born 26 November 1964) is a British actor and film director. He is best known for playing the role of Sergeant Tony Wilton in the British Army inspired award-winning series Soldier Soldier, and as Jimmy McClaren in Grange Hill in 1984.

Who wrote Bluestone 42?

James Cary
James Cary is a sitcom writer for BBC TV and radio, including Bluestone 42, which he co-created and wrote with Richard Hurst. He met Richard working on series 1 & 2 of BBC’s Miranda. He also writes for Third Way magazine and his latest book is called Death by Civilisation.

Where can we watch Bluestone 42?

How to Watch Bluestone 42. Right now you can watch Bluestone 42 on Amazon Prime. You are able to stream Bluestone 42 for free on Pluto.

What was the last episode of Soldier Soldier?

No Pain, No Gain
Soldier Soldier/Latest episode

What is Jerome Flynn doing now?

Jerome now lives on a remote Welsh farm in Pembrokeshire and meditates daily in a special shed.

Where did they film Soldier Soldier?

While the first series was filmed in Staffordshire, England, production would move to other countries as “The King’s Fusiliers” received postings around the world. Jerome was delighted: it was an opportunity to continue to work with Robson, and to travel and explore.

What happened to Tony in Soldier Soldier?

Gary Love – Tony Wilton Wilton was a popular character over the first four series of the show before he was killed off in the 1994 episode Bombshell. In 2001, she was reunited with her old co-star Gary Love, who directed her in episodes of Waking The Dead, in which she played Dr Frankie Wharton.

Is Jerome Flynn Viking?

The Masked Singer fans were divided over Viking’s identity as one tweeted: “Viking 100% Jerome Flynn. Got a lot of game of thrones vibes and the career starting with brothers reference was cause unchained melody was a righteous brothers song.”

Is there going to be Bluestone 42 series 3?

Series 3 (2015) On 20 March 2014 it was confirmed in a BBC announcement that Bluestone 42 had been recommissioned for a third and final series on 24 January 2014, consisting of six 30-minute episodes, produced by Michelle Farr. This series began airing on 9 March 2015 on BBC3 at 10pm.

Where was the TV series Bluestone 42 filmed?

Bluestone 42 is a comedy drama series about a British bomb disposal detachment in Afghanistan during Operation Herrick, first broadcast on 5 March 2013 on BBC Three. Filmed in South Africa, the show focuses on the camaraderie between the soldiers, situational comedy, bureaucracy, conflicts of interests and relationships,…

Who are the band members of Bluestone 42?

Laura Aikman. Oliver Chris. Matthew Lewis. Tony Gardner. Katie Lyons. Jamie Quinn. Scott Hoatson. Stephen Wight.

When did the Bluestone 42 Christmas Special Air?

Nick faces a gruelling challenge with a booby-trapped car bomb, while Simon finally stands up to his fiancée. Bluestone 42 Christmas special. This episode was originally due to air on 23 December but was postponed after a British soldier was killed during active service in Afghanistan.

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