Is Blackbutt a good timber?

Due to its quick growth and versatility, blackbutt makes a good plantation timber. It is a commonly available commercial hardwood species in New South Wales and southern Queensland, often used for building framework. Blackbutt machines well but is only fair for steam bending.

What is Blackbutt timber used for?

The wood is hard and strong and is the major timber used for all kinds of building construction work, including rafters and battens. It is also used for flooring, weatherboards, bridge planks, railway sleepers and pulp. When treated with a preservative it is used for posts and poles.

Can timber be used as cladding?

A range of materials can be used for cladding, including timber, brick slips, PVC, stone, rainscreen/curtain walling, metal, glass and more. House cladding provides a whole host of benefits and can be used for a variety of projects. Cladding can be used both internally and externally.

How much does Blackbutt timber cost?

How much does Blackbutt flooring cost? Blackbutt hardwood costs higher than most other timber options, ranging from $80 – $100 per square metre depending on thickness and width. Installation of hardwood requires glue and nails, expect around $40 – $50 per square metre.

Is Blackbutt timber sustainable?

Coastal blackbutt is one of over 50 native commercial eucalypts that are sustainably managed on State forests. The attractive wood properties and diverse range of applications make coastal blackbutt a preferred species in coastal hardwood plantations.

What tree does Blackbutt timber come from?

Eucalyptus pilularis
Eucalyptus pilularis, commonly known as blackbutt, is a species of medium-sized to tall tree that is endemic to eastern Australia.

Is wooden cladding good?

Wood Cladding is a popular choice for many homeowners. It’s a time-tested material that gives homes a distinct look and a natural, timeless beauty. Wood is the ultimate chameleon, being easy to paint or stain to suit your home’s character or your aesthetic preferences.

Is wood cladding a good idea?

Wood cladding is one cladding material that most homeowners used to clad their home. Timber is easy to install, and it performs better in terms of price. But when you consider durability and maintenance, wood cladding does not perform well. With regards to durability, wood cladding is less durable.

What do you need to know about blackbutt timber?

As Blackbutt is a durable and versatile timber, it is commonly used for timber framing, cladding, internal and external flooring, decking, joinery, landscaping, furniture and structural applications. It can be dressed all round for a sleek and smooth appearance, but ultimately the opportunities are endless when it comes to using Blackbutt timber.

What kind of wood is Blackbutt cladding made of?

Blackbutt is a straight grained timber, with a warm nutty hue which will compliment a range of interior designs where a lighter neutral palette is required. When you buy from us you’ll be happy to know that we carefully make up your order and arrange pick-up or delivery at your convenience.

Which is the best timber for decking and cladding?

Blackbutt is the ideal timber for a wide variety of cladding, flooring and decking applications. A popular choice for architects, builders and designers, Blackbutt is admired for its incredible durability and fire resistant properties.

What kind of flooring to use with Blackbutt flooring?

We supply Blackbutt Cladding in set length boards so that you don’t have to join the boards end to end in a wall, to create a stunning contemporary look. Blackbutt is a species that has been used for cladding for decades and is stunning. Timber and Rose also has matching Blackbutt flooring, decking, battens and lining boards.

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