Is Bandcamp a good platform?

Also a platform that is highly popular with fans and buyers, BandCamp is pleasing both creators and music enthusiasts all around the world. With fans having paid artists on the platform $15.8 million in the past 30 days alone, it is safe to say that the platform is thriving, and that artists are reaping the rewards.

Are Bandcamp stats accurate?

The ‘Map’ stats offer a valuable insight into the location of your customers. Therefore, if the majority of your sales travel through your website or another retailer, then your Bandcamp data may not be an accurate indication of your overall statistics.

Does Bandcamp pay artists for streams?

Bandcamp’s payment program is simple: the company takes 10 percent of merch sales and 15 percent of downloads. The only downside is that no revenue is generated from album streams, so if you like an artist and want them to make some money from Bandcamp, make sure to buy an album once in a while.

What is the best format for Bandcamp?

WAV, AIFF and FLAC are high-fidelity, lossless formats. By starting with the highest possible quality source, we’re able to convert your tracks into a bunch of different format and quality combinations. Some we use to make your streams sound great, others we offer for audiophile-pleasing download.

Can you see who listens to you on Bandcamp?

It’s not the full searching options available on the site but at least it’s something. You can see what people are listening to and then stream it.

Do Spotify artists know who listens?

Spotify artists can now see how many listeners they have in real time.

What audio quality does Bandcamp use?

What format/quality are the streams on Bandcamp? They’re MP3-128s. However, if you’re in the app and on wifi, items you’ve purchased stream as MP3-V0s (~250kbit/s on average).

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