How do you get the dodo in GTA 3?


  1. In the green hangar north of Francis International Airport (only after Grand Theft Aero).
  2. In the southwest hangar in Francis International Airport.
  3. In the east end of the runway in Francis International Airport.
  4. In Portland Import/Export Garage (once it is completed).

How do you get a dodo in GTA Vice City?

Count on GTA:VC to whip up a mission title like this. Go behind the studio… you have to deliver flyers around Vice City to promote the film Bite. Head down to the dock and get in the seaplane (get the Raiders of the Lost Ark reference?).

Can the dodo fly GTA 3?

The Dodo, appropriately named after the extinct, flightless bird, is the only way to take to the air in Grand Theft Auto III—a task made difficult by its clipped wings and stubborn flight controls. Keeping the Dodo in the air for more than a few seconds is tricky, but it can be done.

Does GTA 3 have bigger make them GTA Vice City?

But on the other hand, Vice City is good developed in south-north direction and, as you can see, none of the LC’s three parts is as big as Vice City Mainland or Vice City Beach. The GTA:VC map is bigger than the GTA III one.” Despite of 3 islands, Liberty City in GTA III is smaller than the Vice City in sequel.

How do you drive a skimmer in GTA Vice City?

Steps: 1. Go under controls change the turret settings to your preference 2. Enter Skimmer hold Turret L or either Turret R 3. Start driving after a while you will gain speed then press Turret + Lean Down button so skimmer will start flying.

Is GTA 3 or Vice City better?

Both games are classics, but GTA Vice City has aged better than GTA III, making it the superior option for replaying a GTA game in 2021. If a fan wants to replay one of the two titles, replaying GTA Vice City is likely to be the more fun choice in 2021.

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