How do I get PhilGEPS as a supplier?

For Suppliers Suppliers may register online at The merchant must provide a valid e-mail address, company TIN, DTI, SEC and/or CDA Registration Number whichever is applicable and other required information.

What are the requirements for bidding?

The bidding documents shall include the following:

  • Approved Budget for the Contract.
  • Instructions to Bidders.
  • Terms of Reference.
  • Eligible Requirements.
  • Plans and Technical Specifications.
  • Form of Bid, Price Form, and List of Goods or Bill of Quantities.
  • Delivery Time or Completion Schedule.
  • Form and Amount of Bid Security.

How do I post a bid notice on Philgeps?

  2. ACCESS THE NOTICE POSTING PORTAL. On the PhilGEPS Website, click on the link as shown.
  3. below; Users will be redirected to the Posting Portal. There are two (2) tabs that contain.

How can I register for Philgeps online?

Agencies, suppliers and observers (CSO) may register online at and must fill-out the online registration form by providing the required information. Upon approval of registration, an email notification will be sent to the registered email address which contains the User ID and password.

How can I register for PhilGEPS online?

Is PhilGEPS mandatory?

current and updated in the PhilGEPS, bidders are required to submit their PhilGEPS Certificate of Registration (Platinum Membership) during bid submission, in the case of procurement of goods and infrastructure projects, or during eligibility check, in the case of procurement of consulting services, in accordance with …

How to bid on NJDOT small construction projects?

The Bureau of Equipment, Materials & Supplies (EMS) publicly advertises NJDOT small construction projects and Agency RFP’s on this webpage. Qualified bidders may acquire solicitation documents by navigating to this webpage and downloading all documents.

Where can I find NJDOT EMS bidding opportunities?

New bidding opportunities are posted on the EMS website when required by the NJDOT. By clicking on the Project Description & Document links for each bidding opportunity, bidders will be able to download the related NJDOT solicitation documents.

Where can I find list of bidding opportunities?

Bidders are encouraged to review all current bidding opportunities and submit proposals by following the instructions in each solicitation.

Who is the division of purchase and property in NJ?

The Division of Purchase and Property (DPP), within the Department of the Treasury, was created under N.J.S.A. 52:18A-3 and serves as the State’s central procurement agency.

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