How did Vito know Tessio was the traitor?

Well, it is said in the book, not the movie, that Vito in his earlier days had kept Clemenza and Tessio in charge of the Bronx and Brooklyn respectively because he knew that if there was a man more cunning than the Don himself, it was Tessio. Vito never wanted both his caporegime against him.

Who kills Tessio?

Willie Cicci and a few other men drove Tessio to Two Toms, his social club, where his traitorous men were executed. Tessio, and his dead co-conspirators were then brought to an abandoned gas station on Staten Island where he was executed by his former protege Nick Geraci, while Al Neri looked on.

Was Clemenza a traitor?

Clemenza played a key role in aiding Michael following the shooting of Vito, despite initially being suspected of setting the Don up. When Paulie Gatto was discovered as the true traitor, Clemenza was entrusted with the task of eliminating him, enlisting rising associate Rocco Lampone to carry out the hit.

Who was the traitor in the Corleone family?

While in Havana negotiating with Roth, Michael discovers that Fredo is the family traitor behind the assassination attempt on him. After telling Michael that he has never met Ola, Fredo later carelessly tells Geary that he had been to a nightclub with Ola.

Why is Tessio killed?

The cause was old age. In The Godfather, he played Sal Tessio, a friend of patriarch Vito Corleone. Mr Vigoda’s character tried to take over Corleone’s crime family following his death. However, his attempt to kill heir Michael Corleone, played by Al Pacino, was thwarted and Tessio killed.

What happened to Tom Hagen?

Behind the Scenes. In The Godfather’s Revenge, Tom Hagen is murdered by Nick Geraci in 1964.

Why was Clemenza not in godfather2?

The Godfather Part II Clemenza does not appear in the present timeline of the film due to a disagreement between Castellano and Paramount Pictures over the character’s dialogue and the amount of weight Castellano was expected to gain for the part.

Did Frank Pentangeli betray Michael?

He had a major plot point in the last half of the film in which Pentangeli plans to rat on Michael. However, he realized too late that this betrayal was completely unmotivated. So, in post-production he added the Danny Aiello line “Michael Corleone says hello”.

How did Michael find out about Tessio’s betrayal?

Tessio’s betrayal surprises Hagen, who thought Clemenza would be the one to betray Michael. Michael tells him, “It’s the smart move; Tessio was always smarter.” A few days later, Tessio is ready to escort Michael and Hagen to Brooklyn for the meeting when Willi Cicci informs Tessio that Michael is going separately.

Why did Tessio betray Michael at Vito’s funeral?

In the film, Tessio approaches Michael at Vito’s funeral about setting up the peace summit. Michael already anticipated the plot via his father’s warning: whoever approached Michael about the peace summit would be the family traitor. Tessio’s betrayal surprises Hagen, who thought Clemenza would be the one to betray Michael.

Why did Salvatore Tessio want to kill Tom Hagen?

Betrayal. Tessio thought more of Vito’s younger son Michael than Clemenza or Tom Hagen did, but never believed he was powerful enough to keep the family going after he was named his father’s heir. After the Barzinis began chipping away at their territories, Tessio and Clemenza asked for vengeance, but Michael ordered them to wait.

Why did Tessio want to kill Michael Corleone?

Tessio, for some reason known only to him, never completely trusted Michael Corleone’s abilities to be The Don of the Corleone Family. In the book this is made clear because he didn’t understand Michael’s unwillingness to let him murder Barzini, the head of the Five Families, and the one who set the entire Solozzo scheme into motion.

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