Are yao guai Ghoul bears?

Background. Named by descendants of those held in Chinese internment camps before the Great War, yao guai are mutated black bears and one of the more vicious creatures of the wasteland, sporting razor sharp claws and teeth and a nasty temperament.

Where can I find Yao Guai meat?


  • Dropped by dead yao guai.
  • Occasionally found in meat bags near super mutant encampments.
  • Traveling merchants occasionally have it for sale.
  • Two can be stolen from Longneck Lukowski’s Cannery on the conveyor belt near the Mr. Handy worker bots.

Are there yao guai in New Vegas?

Yao guai appear in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts.

Why are bears called yao guai in Fallout?

↑ Fallout 4 loading screens: “Originally named by the descendants of those held in Chinese internment camps before the Great War, the Yao Guai is a ferocious mutated bear.”

What is the strongest yao guai?

Dusky yao guai The deadliest yao guai variant in the Commonwealth, it has a darker coloration compared to typical yao guai. Additionally, it has more pronounced scars on its body. Sporting a large health pool and powerful attacks, it can be an issue for the player character at any level.

Can you get a yao guai in Fallout 3?

They can be encountered across the entire Capital Wasteland in and around craggy, hilly places, or in caverns. There are two spots where one is guaranteed to come across concentrated populations of yao guai, including the yao guai tunnels and the yao guai cave.

How long does yao guai roast last?

Characteristics. A roasted piece of yao guai meat, which will restore 210 Hit Points. Also, the consumer can deal more melee damage in close combat, for an hour.

Where do you find Yao Guai in Fallout 4?

Yao guai are the mutated descendants of the American black bear. These vicious creatures are found in the Capital Wasteland, the Commonwealth, the Island and Zion Canyon. They were named by the descendants of Chinese internment prisoners after the Great War.

What do you do with a Yao Guai?

Wild yao guai will attack nearly any other animals or people they encounter, including deathclaws. Despite this, yao guai exhibit a gentle, familial bond toward one another when found together and can even be domesticated. Yao guai may be hunted for their meat and hides. Yao guai may be prepared into ribs and roasts.

Where did the Yao Guai get their name?

In Chinese mythology, “yao guai” are usually physical manifestations of the spirits of mistreated animals or fallen divine animals. In early concept art for Fallout 3, the yao guai’s name was spelled “yaogwai.” The black bear from which the yao guai mutated is the official state mammal of West Virginia.

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