Who were the original judges on Dancing On Ice?

The members of The Ice Panel were originally Karen Barber, Jason Gardiner, Nicky Slater and Robin Cousins, and the fifth judge varied from series to series: Karen Kresge in the first series, Natalia Bestemianova in the second, Ruthie Henshall in the third and fourth and Emma Bunton in the fifth.

Who was in Dancing on Ice 2014?


Celebrity Famous for Status
Sam Attwater Former EastEnders actor Eliminated 11th on 2 March 2014
Beth Tweddle Olympic artistic gymnast Third place on 9 March 2014
Hayley Tamaddon Coronation Street actress Runner-up on 9 March 2014
Ray Quinn Actor & The X Factor runner-up Winner on 9 March 2014

Why is Robin Cousins not on Dancing on Ice?

However, Robin did not return to Dancing on Ice when it made a spectacular comeback in 2018. Robin has been busy with his own ice skating performance company, which has toured the world, while also appearing as a commentator and presenter for BBC Sport.

Who is Daniel Whiston partner?

Karen Barber
With business partner and fellow ice skater Karen Barber, Whiston owns a number of Subway restaurants across Lancashire.

Who won Dancing on Ice 2013?

Beth Tweddle
Beth Tweddle “Boleroed” to victory on this year’s series of Dancing On Ice. The Olympic medal-winning gymnast can now add another ribbon to her bow as she was crowned the show’s winner on Sunday.

Who won Dancing on Ice series 9?

Ray Quinn
Maria Filippov
Dancing on Ice – Season 9/Winners

Did Robin Cousins win gold?

Robin Cousins, (born August 17, 1957, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England), English figure skater who combined athletic jumping skills with an exceptional talent for artistic impression to win an Olympic gold medal at the 1980 Winter Games in Lake Placid, New York, U.S.

What is Daniel Whiston doing now?

Since 2019, Daniel has been Associate Creative Director of Dancing on Ice responsible for creating all professional routines and training all celebrity contestants. In 2020 Daniel was Director of Choreography Ice for ITV’s The Real Full Monty on Ice.

Are Hayley and Dan from Dancing On Ice a couple?

Daniel doesn’t have a girlfriend, let alone a wife. Interestingly though, he has an epic, almost love story with a girl he was well acquainted with since childhood. Well, that girl is none other than Hayley Tamaddon, his dance partner from the 2010 reality show Dancing On Ice.

Who won Dancing on Ice 7 years ago?

Dancing on Ice (series 7)

Dancing on Ice
Professional winner Nina Ulanova
No. of episodes 23
Original network ITV

Who won Dancing on Ice in 2011?

Sam Attwater

Celebrity Occupation Status
Johnson Beharry British Army regiment soldier Eliminated 9th on 20 March 2011
Chloe Madeley Freelance journalist & model Third place on 27 March 2011
Laura Hamilton Children’s television presenter Runner-up on 27 March 2011
Sam Attwater Former EastEnders actor Winners on 27 March 2011

Who was the last judge on Dancing on Ice?

Barber acted as head judge for weeks 6 and 7 due to Cousins commentating on the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, with Michael Ball and Angela Rippon appearing as guest judges in these weeks. This was the last series to feature Slater as a full-time judge, though he returned as a guest judge for two weeks in the ninth series in 2014.

When does the new series of Dancing on ice start?

The ninth series of Dancing on Ice aired from 5 January to 9 March 2014 on ITV. It was announced on 22 October 2013 that this series would be the show’s last, and would be an ‘All-Stars’ series featuring former winners and previous contestants.

Who are the presenters on Dancing on Ice Series 5?

The fifth series of Dancing on Ice aired from 10 January to 28 March 2010 on ITV, with a preview show on 8 January 2010. Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby returned as main presenters, while Karen Barber, Nicky Slater, Jason Gardiner and Robin Cousins returned to the “Ice Panel”.

Who was the winner of Dancing on Ice Friday?

For this series only, a spin-off show aired on Friday evenings on ITV, called Dancing on Ice: Friday. It was presented by Ben Shephard and Coleen Nolan . The series was won by former Emmerdale actress Hayley Tamaddon, with Daniel Whiston as the professional winner.

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