Who is the son of Rao Gopal Rao?

Rao Ramesh
Rao Gopal Rao/Sons

What is the age of Rao Ramesh?

53 years (April 21, 1968)
Rao Ramesh/Age

Is Rao Gopal Rao alive?

Deceased (1937–1994)
Rao Gopal Rao/Living or Deceased

When did Rao Gopal Rao died?

August 13, 1994
Rao Gopal Rao/Date of death

What is the age of Kaikala Satyanarayana?

86 years (July 25, 1935)
Kaikala Satyanarayana/Age

Who is Giribabu son?

Raghu Babu
Bose Babu

Who is the father of RX 100 Hero?

Ashok Reddy
Kartikeya Gummakonda Age 25 Years Old, He born in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. His Father Name Ashok Reddy, movie producer.

Who was Gopal Rao What was his contribution *?

Indian Navy war hero Commodore Gopal Rao who led Karachi Port attack in 1971 dies at 95. He displayed conspicuous gallantry and outstanding leadership and was awarded the first Maha Vir Chakra in the Indian Navy.

Is Satyanarayana alive?

Kaikala Satyanarayana (born 25 July 1935) is an Indian actor, producer, director and politician who predominantly worked in Telugu cinema….

Kaikala Satyanarayana
Years active 1959–present
Spouse(s) Nageswaramma ​ ( m. 1960)​
Children 4
Parent(s) Kaikala Laxminarayana (Father)

Who are the parents of Rao Ramesh movie?

Rao Ramesh family is now residing in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. His father name is Rao Gopal Rao who is an actor in Telugu and his mother name is Rao Kamala Kumari with that he has a brother named Rao Kranthi. He did his schooling in Sri Ramakrishna Mission School, T. Nagar, Chennai and his graduation details will be updated soon.

Rao Ramesh (born 25 May 1968) is an Indian actor known for his works primarily in Telugu cinema, Telugu theatre, and television. He is the son of veteran actor Rao Gopal Rao.

Who was Rao Ramesh’s brother in Seema Simham?

Rao Ramesh then got an offer to act as the brother of Simran in Balakrishna ’s Seema Simham (2002), but failed to find film offers immediately after, despite being the son of an iconic actor.

Which is the first Telugu film of Rao Ramesh?

Rao Ramesh then appeared in a small role in Okkadunnadu (2007), before getting a breakthrough role in Krish ‘s Gamyam (2008). Portraying a reformed naxalite, he received critical acclaim for his portrayal, and the film went on to become one of the highest-grossing Telugu films of the year.

The film Prema & Co was released after his death. His son, Rao Ramesh, is a Telugu film actor. ^ a b c Tfn, Team. “Rao Gopal Rao”.

How many movies did Rao Gopal Rao star in?

Rao Gopal Rao ( born Raavu Gopala Rao) (14 January 1937 – 13 August 1994) was an Indian film character actor, and producer, known for his works predominantly in the Telugu cinema, and Telugu theatre. In a film career spanning more than forty years, Rao starred in more than four hundred feature films in a variety of characters.

Where did Dr Gopala Krishna Rao get his training?

Dr. Rao is a board certified interventional cardiologist with extensive training and academic excellence. He received his medical training from Mysore Medical College, India. He completed his postgraduate training with honors from the prestigious PGIMER, Chandigarh India. He is a Member of Royal College of Physician from England, UK.

When did Rao Gopal Rao get Kala Prapoorna award?

Rao was presented with Kala Prapoorna in 1990 by Andhra University and was honored with “Natavirat” and “Chittoru Nagayya Award” in 1987.

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