Who is the best DC female character?

15 Strongest Female Characters In The DC Universe

  1. 1 Wonder Woman. Without a doubt, Wonder Woman is the greatest female superhero ever created.
  2. 2 Powergirl.
  3. 3 Starfire.
  4. 4 Supergirl.
  5. 5 Raven.
  6. 6 Hawkgirl.
  7. 7 Big Barda.
  8. 8 Mera.

Who is the best girl Marvel character?

10 greatest women of Marvel Cinematic Universe, ranked

  1. Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff (‘Avengers’)
  2. Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers (‘Captain Marvel’)
  3. Scarlet Witch (‘Avengers’)
  4. Shuri (‘Black Panther’)
  5. Dark Phoenix/Dr. Jean Grey (‘X-Men’)
  6. Storm (‘X-Men’)
  7. Mary Jane Watson (‘Spider-Man’)
  8. Anne Weying/She-Venom (‘Venom’)

Who is the strongest female in the DC Universe?

10 Strongest Female DC Protagonists

  • 6 Starfire’s Tamaranean Strength Is Just One Of Her Powerful Abilities.
  • 7 Miss Martian Has Nearly Superman-Level Strength.
  • 8 Grace Choi Is Stronger Than Regular Amazons.
  • 9 Hawkgirl’s Strength Is Augmented By Mystical Nth Metal.
  • 10 Rocket’s Powerful Inertia Field Upgraded Her Strength.

Who’s the strongest female avenger?

Marvel: The 15 Most Powerful Female Avengers

  1. 1 Carol Danvers (AKA Ms.
  2. 2 Greer Grant Nelson (AKA Tigra)
  3. 3 Jane Foster (AKA Mighty Thor)
  4. 4 Jennifer Walters (AKA She-Hulk)
  5. 5 Wanda Maximoff (AKA Scarlet Witch)
  6. 6 Monica Rambeau (AKA Photon/Spectrum/Captain Marvel)
  7. 7 Jocasta.
  8. 8 Jessica Jones (AKA Power Woman/Jewel/Knightress)

Who is the most liked DC superhero?

Batman consistently tops fan favorite polls of all superheroes — not just those in the DC universe. Batman.

Who is stronger DC or Marvel?

More of Marvel’s characters have won in more categories, but DC’s victors far outshine their competition. No one from the Marvel Universe or the DC Universe compares to Superman, whereas Iron Man and Hawkeye just barely edge out their rivals. Still, we’d say that Marvel has stronger characters for now.

Who is the hottest hero?

16 Superheroes Better Known For Being Hot Than Heroic

  • 11 NAMOR.
  • 12 LADY DEATH.
  • 13 GAMBIT.
  • 14 EMMA FROST.
  • 15 HERCULES. Hercules isn’t afraid of admitting he’s an attractive guy.
  • 16 STARFIRE. Starfire might have become the most sexualized character in superhero comics, and that’s saying something.

Who is the best girl superhero?

Best female superheroes of all time

  1. Wonder Woman. (Image credit: DC Comics)
  2. Storm. (Image credit: Marvel Comics)
  3. Batgirl. (Image credit: DC Comics)
  4. Black Widow. (Image credit: Marvel Comics)
  5. Invisible Woman. (Image credit: Marvel Comics)
  6. Harley Quinn. (Image credit: DC)
  7. Supergirl. (Image credit: DC Comics)
  8. She-Hulk.

Who are the hottest female characters in DC Comics?

Ranked: The Top 10 Hottest Female Characters In DC Comics 1 Wonder Woman 2 Catwoman 3 Stargirl 4 Raven 5 Terra 6 Cheetah 7 Cassandra Cain 8 Harley Quinn 9 Star Sapphire More

Who are the top 100 DC and Marvel characters?

Here are the rankings for the Top 100 DC and Marvel Characters, with their point totals and a link to the entry where you can read more about them. 1. Batman (Bruce Wayne) – 2527 points (118 first place votes) 2. Superman (All Star Superman – 100 points (1 first place vote)) – 1326 points (49 first place votes)

Are there any female super heroes in Marvel?

There are thousands of characters from different realities, timelines, spaces, and places, all sourced from nearly 80 years of magnificent Marvel material. But across all of Marveldom, female Super Heroes have proven to be some of the most amazing, dynamic, powerful, sharp shooting, heavy hitting characters around.

Who are the top 10 hottest female superheroes?

The Top 10 Hottest Female Superheroes In Marvel Comics Today. 1 1. Psylocke. I’ve already said on more than one occasion that Psylocke was my favorite female superhero growing up. There was something about a 2 2. Gwen Stacy. 3 3. Mary Jane Watson. 4 4. Kitty Pryde. 5 5. Storm.

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