Which is bigger Shamo or Asil?

Actually the Shamo chicken is a strain of the Asil chicken. O-Shamo chickens are larger birds with roosters weighting 5.62 kg and hens 3.4 kg. Chu-Shamos are medium birds with roosters weighting 3.63 kg and hens about 2.72 kg.

What does Shamo mean in Japanese?

Shamo (軍鶏) is an overall designation for gamefowl in Japan. The Shamo breeds are thought to derive from fighting chickens of Malay type brought from Thailand in the early part of the seventeenth century.

Which is best Aseel or Shamo?

Depending on your preference, there is really no difference between Asil and Shamo when it comes to cockfighting performance as both are excellent fighters, taller than most gamefowl, and are muscular and strong.

How tall are Shamo chickens?

30 inches tall
The Shamo is a large, tall chicken, typically 30 inches tall, that carries themselves in a nearly vertical position. They have muscled thighs and a wide, muscular body. Their feathers are hard, close to the skin, and they often don’t provide complete coverage of the skin, with no feathers on their face or throat.

Where did the Ko Shamo chicken come from?

The Ko Shamo is an Asian Game Bird Breed and one of the most popular of the seven breeds of Shamo chicken originating from Thailand, but widely kept and intensively bred in Japan for hundreds of years from around the early 1600s Japanese “Edo” period.

What does a Ko Shamo cockerel look like?

The Ko Shamo (Small Shamo or bantam) is a smaller ornamental breed which is popular due to its unusual, very upright almost vertical stance, making the cockerel appear to be standing on tip-toe and extending his long neck. Described by some Ko Shamo breeders as having “an erect strutting carriage, the look of a prize fighter and confident manner”.

What kind of bird is a Ko Shamo?

The Ko Shamo is a wiry, lean and muscular bird, sometimes described as cheeky. If given enough space to roam and not too closely confined the Ko Shamo will do well as an addition to a backyard flock.

Can a Ko Shamo be a good pet?

The Ko Shamo cockerel can quickly develop a territorial nature and their theatrical aggression can lead to fights with other male birds, but if raised with care will get along fine with humans. Whilst not as aggressive as the much larger Shamo, the Ko Shamo can still be temperamental.

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